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Attention Water Street pedestrians
Police recommend new way to cross new roundabout
roundabout map

Platteville police are suggesting a new path to cross the new roundabout at North Water Street and East Madison Street.

The goal is to have students be able to cross Water Street at Madison Street with the least amount of problems, keeping safety as a main concern.

Police now suggest that pedestrians going west along Madison Street cross on the northeast side of the roundabout (upper right in the drawing). Pedestrians going southwest on Water Street are advised to cross on the east side of the roundabout (right side of the drawing).

The drawing of the roundabout at Madison and Water is located on the city’s website,

“We will be posting a community service officer in the north east corner (which is the high school corner) until such time we determine they are no longer needed or that there is a better way for children to cross,” said police Lt. Jeff Haas.

Any additional questions or concerns can be directed to Haas, 348-2313.