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Boscobel Pool opens with restrictions
Boscobel Pool ready to go
The Boscobel Swimming Pool was cleaned, filled and ready for swimmers Wednesday afternoon from 1-5 p.m. (cleaning 2:45-3:15) with a number of restrictions in place due to the coronavirus pandemic.

BOSCOBEL - The Boscobel Swimming Pool opens for a shortened season this Wednesday, July 1, following a June 15 joint decision by the Park Commission and Common Council to open the pool despite concerns with the coronavirus pandemic.

The pool capacity is limited to 45 swimmers and patrons must reside within the Boscobel Area School District, although exceptions will be made for visitors if capacity limits have not been reached.

Following the resignation of longtime pool managers Katie Reynolds and Julie Kendall over concerns with the coronavirus, the city has hired Shaeden Carlin, Heather Puckett and Denise McQuirk as the new managers. They will continue to monitor the recommendations from the CDC and follow guidelines set by the state of Wisconsin, Grant County and the Boscobel Common Council to make changes as necessary to operating procedures.

Rules and restrictions:

• To maximize participation and keep patrons’ safe blocks, of 1.75-hour Open Swim hours will be designated, followed byclearing of the entire facility for cleaning.

• No concessions will be available.

• All patrons (parent/guardian if under 18 years of age) will be required to sign an Assumption of Risk Liability Waiver.

• Bathrooms and showers will be available; however, no more than three (3) people each bathroom at any given time.

• No lounge chairs/picnic tables will be available. Patrons may bring their own.

• All guests must respect a proper physical distance, staying 6-feet from anyone not in your group.

• The Baby Pool will not be open.

• The water bubbler/fountain will not be available for use. Please bring your own water/drinks to the Pool.

• NO Glass Allowed!

• Patrons are asked to be aware of “traffic” patterns and allow for 6 ‘social distancing.

• Patrons should not be at the pool, standing in line no earlier than 10 minutes prior to Pool Opening.

• NO Person shall climb the ladder of either diving board until the person ahead of them has entered the water.

• WALK Only!!

• Hair must be pulled back if shoulder length

• Profanity is not allowed.

• Tobacco of any kind and/or any smoking materials are not allowed.

• Alcoholic beverages are not to be consumed prior to or during swimming.

• Talk to guards in EMERGENCY ONLY!

• Flips and back-dives of any kind are only allowed on the boards.

• Anyone under 18 years old must pass a swim test before being allowed past the ropes.

• Showers: Only two short showers per person – one when you arrive and one when you leave – NOT During BREAKS.

• Dunking, Splashing, Bombing, and Spitting are not allowed.

• Food, Drink, and/or Candy of any kind is not allowed beyond the shower facilities.

• No “swimming” in 12-foot area. This area is designated for diving boards.

2020 Entrance into Pool:

• Daily Pool Admission is for the entire day; however, paying for one session does not mean you are guaranteed a spot at thesecond session that day.

• Once the pool capacity (45 swimmers) is met, patrons will be turned away and given an opportunity to “reserve” a spot atthe next open session that day. If swimmer #46 wants to gain entrance at 1:00 pm, they will be turned away. They can askto be put on the list for the 3:15 pm session and will be given priority if in line when the pool opens at 3:15 pm.