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L&M Bakery owner transferring to Mineral Points Walker House
LM transfer
Lisa Govier (middle) will be joining the Walker House in Mineral Point, owned by Kathy (right) and Dan Vaillancourt (left) and closing the retail bakery in Darlington after Dec. 31. -Photo by Tallitha Reese

    L&M Bakery, owned by Lisa Govier, has stood on Main Street for the past 18 and a half years, serving the residents of Darlington with donuts, buns, homemade goodies and more. But after Dec. 31, 2013 the bakery store front in Darlington will be closed.

But that doesn’t mean an end to all of the services provided by the bakery, at least not quite.

“The goal is to continue to serve the area with the same great products and deliver them to the customer on a routine schedule. There will be no interruption in service during the transition and we are still accepting holiday orders for baked goods,” said Govier.

Govier has taken the opportunity to join the Walker House in Mineral Point to serve as their event chef as well as bake for the new Walker House Bakery and work in an almost 2,000 square foot kitchen with new appliances.

“It’s like going to the candy store when I walk into that kitchen,” said Govier.          

Govier will continue to live in Darlington, right above the bakery in fact, and wants the Darlington community to understand that she is still available to do baking for them and will be able to arrange delivery for products with pick up at the Darlington location.

Govier can be contacted at 776-2099 or at

Dan and Kathy Vaillancourt, owners of the Walker House, describe the situation as a win-win. “The move will help stabilize Lisa’s life and she will still be able to produce products for customers,” said Dan Vaillancourt. “Nothing should change too much.”

Be that as it may, the citizens of Darlington will still be sad to see the closing of the retail bakery shop. It’s true that some of the services will still be available, but it will also mean that delicious homemade donuts will be harder to come by on a given morning in Darlington. It will also mean that yet another storefront on Darlington’s Main Street will be sitting empty.

“The space will be available for rent,” said Govier, “and I have had some inquires already.” So, hopefully the space will not be vacant for long.

However, people like Govier, who are willing to get up in the early morning hours when most people are still abed, in order to make donuts and other baked goods from scratch are a dying breed.

“People just don’t want to do that anymore,” said Govier. Govier will also be taking much of the baking equipment and mixers in the Darlington facility to Mineral Point to start up the bakery there. So that makes it a little more difficult for someone who would want to move into the space to set up another bakery. “That start up cost will be there for people,” said Govier.

Govier started working in the Darlington bakery under the previous owner before buying the facility in 1995 and has been there ever since.

The Vaillancourts first came in contact with Govier in June when they heard that she made the best pasties in southwest Wisconsin and asked her to cook for them during the Southwest Wisconsin Cornish Festival in September.

After some serious talks and planning, the plan to merge Govier’s skills and bakery with the Walker House emerged.

“We’re thrilled to be able to provide baked goods for the Mineral Point community and our lodging guests,” said Kathy Vaillancourt. “Lisa has a special talent in the kitchen.”

Govier wants to thank her customers for their loyal patronage through the years. “We value and appreciate you,” she said.