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New business brings healthy drinks to the village of Muscoda
Akoya Shoemaker
Akoya Shoemaker, in her “Lift Room”, is a new Wisconsin Avenue businessperson in Muscoda. Photo by Wendell Smith

MUSCODA - Akoya Shoemaker, owner and operator of a new Wisconsin Avenue business in Muscoda, explains she offers an assortment of energizing tea flavors, protein coffee and meal replacement shakes, all designed to aid “overall body wellness.”

  Located in the same building, but “down the hall” from Katy Bailey’s Floral, Akoya has named her establishment “The Lift Room” – appropriate because it occupies the space once filled with heavy weight-lifting equipment. She launched her business about four months ago. Prior to that she was employed at the prison in Boscobel.

  Akoya says folks often think her first name may have a Hawaiian origin, but it’s not that romantic. Her father was a dedicated Kansas City Chief football fan and he based the name for his new daughter on Christian Okoye, a Chief player.

  Although Akoya has not previously spent a lot of time in Muscoda, she has local roots. The home she owns, located on Fourth Street, was once the residence for her late grandparents Leon and Gladys Keller. Another area connection is through grandparents David and Sharon Van Winkle, who once lived in Avoca. Dave was known for his rattlesnake capturing talents. The Van Winkles currently live in Arizona and David has recovered from a bout with the corona-19 virus.

  The main products at the Lift Room are Meal Replacement Shakes, Energizing Teas and Protein Coffee.

  Akoya explains the drinks can be connected to weight loss. She personally became acquainted with the products following unsuccessful efforts to lose pounds using other programs. 

  The drinks are mixed on site. The herbal teas, “that don’t taste like tea,” are available in 27 flavors and the soy-based shakes come in 15 flavors, each with 200 calories and 24 grams of protein. Special shake Flavors of the Month are offered – for July it is “Blazing Beauty with Cinnamon and Pomegranate.”

            The majority of Lift Room customers are currently women, but men are showing up in greater numbers. The room is open seven days a week with group deliveries going to area businesses and organizations Fridays.