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Revitalized local business offers a world-class view and great food
Ferryville Sportsman’s Bar
Fville_The View
KARYL FRITSCHE, right, talks with reporter Gillian Pomplun, on the patio of the Ferryville Sportsman’s Bar, overlooking the beautiful Mississippi River.

FERRYVILLE - With a stunning view of the beautiful Upper Mississippi River, the Ferryville Sportsman’s Bar offers enchanting ambiance, great food, and an exciting lineup of live music. The fresh, clean décor, combined with the beautiful patio overlooking the river, offers diners flexibility in seating.

The menu features meats from Driftless Region farmers, processed at Eastman Locker and Bloomington Meats. From the succulent pulled pork on their loaded nachos, with fresh ‘pico de gallo’ salsa, to a mouthwatering ribeye steak sandwich, you can be sure when eating at this establishment, you’re supporting local farmers. Dining here will delight your taste buds and feast your eyes on nature’s beauty.

THE KITCHEN at the Ferryville Sportsman’s Bar cranks out great food, made with meats produced by local farmers. Here, proprietor Karyl Fritsche pauses while preparing food.

The bar offers a complete selection of domestic beers and wines, as well as beers from the local Driftless Brewing Company of Soldiers Grove.

“We are proud to carry four varieties of Driftless Brewing Company beers,” proprietor Karyl Fritsche said. “That’s not only because their products are delicious, but also because of the company’s commitment to sustainability and conservation.”

Fville_Ryan Howe
RYAN HOWE is a talented local musician, with a large and versatile repertoire. He performed the last song on the soundtrack for the ac-claimed documentary, ‘Decoding the Driftless.’ The piece, ‘A Place to Be,’ is an original composition.

On Saturday, June 11, music was provided by talented local musician Ryan Howe. Howe is the son of George Howe, co-producer of the acclaimed documentary, ‘Decoding the Driftless.’ Ryan Howe performed his original composition, ‘A Place to Be,’ as the last song on the movie’s soundtrack.

“I perform live music, including a huge diversity of covers, ranging from The High Kings (Irish) to James Taylor (singer-songwriter), or Frank Sinatra (jazz vocal) to Claude Debussy (classical piano),” Howe explained. “I compose and perform original music as well, of which there is a lot of on the way.”

Ryan Howe Music can be reached on Facebook, or 508-519-7456, or at

Bounceback funds

Closed since August of 2021 due to challenges related to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Ferryville Sportsman’s Bar reopened this spring. Fritsche has taken on the challenge of operating the business, adding it to her portfolio of business ventures. 

“Working with the village of Ferryville and Carol Roth of Driftless Development, I was able to secure Badger Bounceback funding to help reopen the business,” Fritsche explained. “That funding really served its purpose of encouraging new business ventures in vacant commercial spaces, and facilitated my decision to take the step.”

In addition, Fritsche operates lash studios in Prairie du Chien and Platteville, as well as the ‘Joe2Go’ business in Prairie du Chien. She also plans to open the ‘Drake Piano Bar’ in the building formerly occupied by the Wasabi restaurant.

“At the Drake Piano Bar, the bar top will be made from a beautiful granite piece formed when the continental divide shifted,” Fritsche said. “It is really quite something to see.”

The other business housed in the same building, Joe2Go, features organic coffees from Weeden Creek, as well as salads and sandwiches. Convenient online ordering and a drive-thru format make this a great option for that morning coffee and sweet, or a quick, healthy lunch.

Fritsche says that as awareness of what the Sportsman’s Bar has to offer expands, so too will her menu offerings.

“I plan to begin to offer a dinner menu in the future,” Fritsche said. “For instance, we own a gas-fired rotisserie that can cook 50 whole chickens at a time, and hope to begin to offer half chicken dinners.”

Upcoming music

A full schedule of musical acts is scheduled to play over the summer on Saturday evenings, beginning at 7 p.m. Those musical offerings include:

• June 18: Dylan Harris

• June 25: Big Cat Eddie

• July 2: Annie & The Crush

• July 9: Ann Christoffer with Jay on Drums

• July 16: Avey Grouws Duo

• July 23: Smoking Gun Showdown will play in conjunction with Ferryville Bluff Days

• July 30: Kit Mayer Duo

• August 6: Smokehouse Band

• August 20: Kaleb Woods

• August 27: Big Cat Eddie

• Sept. 3: The 2 Carls Band