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SHC changes name of Cuba City facility
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CUBA CITY — Southwest Health Center has changed the name of its Cuba City campus to Epione Pavilion.

The new name is the culmination of a consultative process involving long-time employees, community members, and facility leadership. SHC officials cited their desire to honor the nationally recognized personal care delivered by staff and significant changes in both the purpose and scope of health care services available at their Cuba City campus.

To the ancient Greeks, Epione was the goddess of soothing pain, and her husband the god of medicine and healing. The word Epione (pronounced eh-P-OWN) literally means “soothing.”

“In our case, we chose the name 'Epione' to emphasize our unique strength in delivering compassionate care from local people you know and trust,” said facility Administrator Lisa Tranel. “That applies to all our services, and it’s not just limited to soothing physical pain but also mental and emotional pain, too.”

The term “pavilion,” according to Tranel, is indicative of the Cuba City facility housing many services under one roof, as well as its bright and hopeful atmosphere.

“We’ve done some renovations in the past year,” said Tranel. “But new flooring and wallpaper aren’t all that’s new.”

In December, the facility celebrated the grand opening of Reflections, a new memory care wing dedicated to helping people with Alzheimer’s and other forms of memory loss. Within the last year, the facility has also welcomed new family physician Brian Sachs, M.D., who is seeing patients three days each week at the Dean Clinic Cuba City family medical clinic. SHC expanded outpatient rehabilitation to Cuba City last spring by opening a new rehab center staffed with physical, occupational, and speech therapists.

Epione Pavilion also houses Renaissance, a 72-bed skilled nursing and restorative care unit formerly referred to as Southwest Health Center Nursing Home.

“Today about 60 percent of the people we admit to Renaissance will return home after a few weeks of nursing care and rehabilitation,” said Tranel. “They’re typically recovering from an accident, injury or major surgery and need a little extra care to get back on their feet and living safely and independently again. That’s another big change in recent years.”

Tranel said the 12-member Community Advisory Board “provided the vision and insight to make our progress in the past year possible.” The board includes Tranel, Matt Andrews, D.D.S., Kendal Bruner, Kevin Carr, M.D., Diane Casey, Michael Connelly, M.D., Gary Droessler, Tom Gile, Dean Pearce, chair Lou Schweigert, Porter Wagner, and Southwest Health Center CEO Dan Rohrbach.

For more information on Epione Pavilion and its services, visit or call 744-2161.