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The Wear House: More than just clothes
Expanded store offers space for consignment vendors
kammy miller
Kammy Miller expanded her clothing store, The Wear House, into the Water Avenue space formerly occupied by Ben Franklin. - photo by Contributed photo

When the Ben Franklin shut its doors after many years in Hillsboro last November, local folks wondered whatever kind of retailer would fill all that space.

They didn’t have to wonder long.

Kammy Miller moved her Wear House across the street and into the larger quarters in a short time because it offered her a chance to expand her store and add space for the very fine screen printing that she does.

The first thing she did was double the space available for artisan consignment vendors to display and sell their special wares. Now, both walls are lined with 15 booths filled with great displays of unique crafts and artistic talent, along with antiques and other eye catching merchandise.

The booths are certainly eye catching and draw many folks into the store where they can also look through the good condition second-hand clothing that is well displayed for sale.

Miller is pleased that so many of her familiar customers from her previous store are stopping in and checking for particular clothing and also finding gifts and keepsakes among the vendor booths.

This reporter recently purchased a hand-made carrying bag, decorated with colorful pictures and designs saluting the game of golf. In addition, to that birthday gift for my wife, I also bought her a wonderful painting by Carol Nickey, a very gifted artist who is a newcomer in our community.

The scene is of a summer abin on a Northern Wisconsin lake, complete with wooden pier on the water, and a boat waiting for a fisherman. It reminded me of many vacations we had enjoyed. It was in Jane’s hands only a moment before being put up in its new home on a hallway wall!

Although she has two helpers available, she is considering  an increase in employees when things should get even busier in the summer.

Being somewhat of an optimist, Miller is hoping for her screen painting business “taking off” with folks placing special orders for clothes with a built in memory. She has a growing treasure chest full of ideas for screen painting clothes featuring special activities that would merit a keepsake for local folks and visitors alike. Cesky Den came immediately to her mind …something that also names the town.

The screen printing inventory could also be on consignment with special orders for clothes, bags, and other items featuring school names and memorable events.

In addition to purchasing good condition, second hand clothing from vendors, she also purchases inventory over-the-counter from local folks.

The Wear House is open now Tuesday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., except for a 3 p.m. closing time on Saturday.

There is a possibility of opening 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. seven days a week in the future.