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Concerns over disciplinary action of BES staff member spark protest
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Five concerned citizens picketed at Boscobel Elementary School Monday morning over what they felt was an inadequate disciplinary action against a staff person.

The five made their worries public after learning that Elementary Principal Rick Walters, who been suspended for two weeks without pay, had returned to work, according to Kayla Capelle.

 Walters had threated her six-year-old son in an incident in November, Capelle said.

The incident was investigated by the Boscobel Police Department on Nov. 25 at approximately 11:40 a.m. The department was called to the school after a young student lost control, resulting in a physical altercation with a staff member.

Upon investigation, the responding officer was informed that the staff person had made an inappropriate comment that caused the student to feel threatened. The matter was referred to the city district attorney who declined to press charges.

The Boscobel Area School district handled the matter internally.

“We are constrained by laws intended to protect personal information and cannot say more than the matter was handled by the board and administration,” said BAS board president Todd Miller.

The school district posted a statement on their Facebook page explaining that they could not respond to postings made by others about the incident without violating the privacy rights of more than one individual.

“The Board does wish to emphasize that no student or other person was ever at risk of harm from or endangered by any staff member,” the board posted on Facebook.

Miller said he felt the board had handled the disciplinary action properly and that there was no risk to the students at the elementary school.

Mrs. Capelle is seeking Walters removal from his position and has begun a petition online.