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Platteville teachers, staff get pay hikes
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Platteville Public Schools teachers and staff will be receiving pay raises next school year.

The School Board Monday night approved pay raises for both groups, as well as notices of assignment for support staff.

The pay raises of $250 per cell for teachers and 25 cents per hour for staff are the lowest since the new teacher pay system was enacted in the 2012–13 school year. Teachers got $500-per-cell increases one year ago, and staff got 25-cent-per-hour increases last year.

In the new system, which replaced teacher union contracts after public employee collective bargaining changes, teachers get pay increases for completion of a professional growth portfolio that details academic achievement gains, instructional practice improvements, and reflection on parent and student feedback. Master teachers — teachers with 15 years experience, national board certification and a master’s degree — can get an additional $1,500.

Teachers still getting paid in the old salary schedule, which increased pay by years of service up to 15 years and additional degrees, will also get $250 pay increases.

PPS superintendent Connie Valenza said the Consumer Price Index increased 0.12 percent in the past year, and the school district got an additional $100 per pupil in state aid from last year. Teachers and staff also have lower health insurance premiums under the new high-deductible insurance plan, with the school district paying 100 percent of the deductible.

The School Board approved the insurance changes May 9. The savings from health insurance helped fund the pay increases, which were estimated to cost the school district $20,590.

Pay for administrators and administrative support staff will be determined in June.

There will be one fewer full-time special education teacher assistant this coming school year because of the addition of a third-grade teacher and a special education teacher at Westview Elementary School, Valenza said.