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Special fees discussed, principals participate in first meeting
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SHULLSBURG – District Administrator Loras Kruser brought up the consideration of the 2017-2018 fee schedule to board members at the Shullsburg School District Board of Education meeting on July 12.
 Board members Amy Charles and Jacinda Gunnell were leery on adding two specials fees: a $16 fee for the purchase of heart monitor straps and $5 for lock, both for students participating in physical education.
“How are these different from textbooks? If these things are required then they are required. They should be treated like a workbook,” Charles mentioned.
Principal Mark Lierman commented that the intent for the locks was to have them on the lockers and have students pay $5 to use the locks and they would get the money back by the end of the year. The student that purchased the straps would only use them because of hygiene concerns.
Board member Chad Teasdale stated that this wasn’t a lot of money they were talking about.
“This year, if we lose a bunch of locks, we can come back and look at the lock fee,” Teasdale added.
The board did raise the lunch fee by ten cents. School districts can only opt out of not raising the fee every three years. Last year Shullsburg opted not to raise the fee; Kruser stated this year the school’s “hands were tied”.
Principals’ Report
New principals Dana Bendorf and Mark Lierman were ready and prepared for the board meeting with a list of things they would like to see happen at Shullsburg.
They brought up the idea of getting rid of old uniforms that have been collecting at the school. Lierman stated that they have five or seven sets of old boy’s basketball uniforms. The idea was brought up to donate the uniforms to the Athletic Boosters and they could decide what to do with the uniforms.
Bendorf continued that they would like to institute service awards for staff. These awards would be given out in five-year increments.
“The cost would be minimal but the payback would be maximal,” Lierman stated.
Details are still being discussed. The awards would be given out at an in-service.
Bendorf asked if the board could consider increase in pay for game workers. She would be looking into what area schools are paying their workers.
Board member Lee Gill was excited to see both principals working as a team.
“It is exciting to see you are building a team and creating camaraderie for the staff,” Gill said.
Administrator’s Report
Kruser gave an update on the 2016-2017 school year budget. He had mentioned at last weeks meeting that there was close to $1 million in Fund 10. He mentioned that it is now half gone. The district was able to pay off the tractor loan, which was about $30,000. They purchased new chairs for the boardroom and replaced two copy machines.
One of the major expenditures was the Special Education transfer of about $400,000 from the General Fund (Fund 10) to Fund 27 because the school only gets 30% of their Special Education funding. He also added that the August Health Insurance payroll would be coming out of the 2016-2017 budget, which would be close to $60,000. So the $1 million would be closer to $40,000 and with bills for utilities still to come in, Kruser expects the money will be spent.
Kruser asked the board to consider discussing going to referendum. In April 2018 the district will make their last debt payment and in October 2018 the district will essentially be debt free. Kruser wanted to discuss if the district would ask taxpayers to pay for the referendum or if the district would use Fund 60. He would like them to look at different options to see what is best for the district.
Other Business
Summer maintenance projects are well underway. The new sound panels are been placed in the vocal/music room. Kruser is looking to have the resealing of the gym floor and parking lot done at the same time and may be done by the end of the month. A significant donation was made for the scoreboards and they have been ordered. Recognition for that donation will come at a later date. The annual meeting date was set for Sept. 20, 2017 at 6:30
Closed session
During closed session, the board approved letting a high school attend the alternative school in Mineral Point. They also approved hiring the following extra-curricular positions: National Honor Society – Tiffany Signer; FFA Advisor – Jennifer Russell; Jr. High Track – Luke Tyson and Jennifer Russell; High School Stduent Council; Jennifer Bendorf; Assistant High School Boys’ Basketball – Aaron Duecker; Head Baseball – Tim Strang; Forensics – Jordan Palmer; Jr. High Girls’ Basketball – Nicole Brant; and Jr. High Boys’ Basketball – Jeff Nodorft.