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Improving forests is a way to fight climate change
County tree sales in progress
Tree seedling

DRIFTLESS - In the Wisconsin Task Force on Climate Change report released in December of 2020, it is estimated that forests in the United States offset approximately 10 to 20 percent of carbon emissions each year. 

“Forests are one of the largest sources of negative emissions nationwide, and activities like reforestation and improved forest management hold great potential to increase carbon sequestration,” the report stated. “Carbon sequestration means taking carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere, or preventing it from entering the atmosphere, by holding it in long-term storage.”

“Forests are Wisconsin’s dominant land type, comprising 48 percent of the state’s landscape, or 17 million of the state’s 35 million acres of land. These dynamic living systems are vital to the state, by providing raw materials to the forest and wood products industry, recreational areas, public health benefits such as improved air and water quality, and ecosystem services such as wildlife habitat and watershed protection.”

“Wisconsin’s forests also provide a unique opportunity to address climate change because they both prevent and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, while simultaneously providing environmental, social and economic benefits.”

Forests main land use

In Crawford County, 50 percent of the 184,400 acres are forested, and over 93 percent of forested acres are privately owned. 

In Vernon County, of the 509,000 acres of land, approximately 225,000 are forested. The majority of forested acres are owned by private landowners.

In Monroe County, 51.7 percent of land is in forest (297,886 acres). Of those acres, 221,952 acres are owned by non-forest industry private owners. 

Increasing the quantity and quality of forested acres in the counties in the Driftless Region is one of the best ways to mitigate the impacts of climate change, and to protect water and air quality. Increasing management of forested acres and planting trees is one of the easiest ways for citizens to do their part to slow and reverse the impacts of climate change.

Crawford Tree Sale 2021

Crawford County

Once again, the Crawford County Land Conservation Department is conducting its annual tree sale.  A variety of trees and shrubs are being offered this year, including Red Oak, Chinkapin Oak, Bitternut Hickory, Black Cherry, River Birch, White Birch, Sugar Maple, White Cedar, Balsam Fir, White Spruce, American Hazelnut, American Plum and Ninebark.   Seedling sizes range from six- to 48-inches depending on the species.  

Trees are sold in bundles of 10 and 25, depending on the variety. Some quantities are limited, so order as soon as possible. All orders should be turned in to the Land Conservation Office and paid no later than March 1. Trees will be available for customers to pick up approximately April 29 and 30 (weather dependent) at the Crawford County Administration Building.

For pricing and order forms, please call 608-326-0270 or visit our website at:

Feel free to call before placing your order to guarantee quantity and variety availability.
Crawford Tree Order Form
Vernon County 2021 Tree Sale

Vernon County

In Vernon County, hardwood tree varieties offered this year include Sugar Maple, Red Oak, Swamp White Oak, Shagbark Hickory and Black Walnut. Conifer varieties offered include Fraser Fir, White Spruce, White Pine and White Cedar. Small trees and shrubs on offer include Mountain Ash, Serviceberry, Apple, Witchhazel and Chinese Chestnut.

Plants are sold in groups of 25 plants, and all plants shipped are bareroot. This means they will need to be planted as soon as possible after pick-up. In addition, you can order a 55-gallon rain barrel, tree tubes and hardwood stakes. Plants must be picked up in Viroqua. Pick up dates will be May 6-7, weather permitting.

For prices and to find an order form, go to


For more information, contact: Sarah McDowell at 608-637-5484 or for more information. 

Vernon Tree Order Form
Monroe County 2021 Tree Sale

Monroe County

Hardwood tree varieties available through the Monroe County tree sale include Red Oak, White Oak, Paper Birch, Quaking Aspen, Sugar Maple and Black Walnut. Conifer tree varieties include Balsam Fir, White Cedar, Tamarack, White Pine and Red Pine. Small trees and shrubs available include American Hazelnut, Gray Dogwood, Serviceberry, High Bush Cranberry and Common Ninebark. Fruit trees available include Antanovka Apple, Crabapple and American Plum. Trees and shrubs range in size from seven to more than 18 inches.

The order deadline is March 31, and full payment must accompany your order. Send orders and payment to Monroe County Land Conservation Department, 820 Industrial Drive, Ste. 3, Sparta, WI 54656. Checks should be made payable to Monroe County Land Conservation Department.

To find an order form online, go to


For more information, contact Arin Gowan at 608-269-8973.

Monroe County Tree Order Form

Every year, Wisconsin Land + Water sponsors a conservation poster contest with a theme. Area youth are encouraged to submit entries, and county winners go on to regional competition and eventually to a statewide competition.

This year’s theme was, ‘Healthy Forests – Healthy Communities.’ Because all three counties are heavily forested counties with the majority of forested land held privately, one of the best ways for citizens to enhance this local attribute is to purchase and plant trees, along with careful management of their forested acres.

Winners have been announced in Crawford, Vernon and Monroe counties. Regional judging will take place in coming weeks.

Crawford County

Grades K-1

1st Calvin Fisher,  Seneca, 1st grade

CC, K-1, poster winner

Grades 2-3

1st Carlee Hammell, Seneca,  3rd grade
CC, 2-3 poster winner

Grades 4-6

1st Penelope Fisher, Seneca,  6th grade

CC, 4-6 poster winner

Grades 7-9

1st Bailey Halvorson, PDC Bluffview,  8th grade

CC, 7-9 poster winner

Grades 10-12

1st Nirea Klema,  Seneca,   10th grade

CC, 10-12 poster winner

Vernon County

Grades K-1

1st Payton Koch-Prairie View

VC, K-1 poster winner

Grades 2-3

1st Maddax Wick-Prairie View

VC, 2-3 poster winner

Grades 4-6

1st Jaycee Sandry-DeSoto

VC, 4-6 poster winner

Grades 7-9

1st Priscilla Wakiluba-DeSoto

VC, 7-9 poster winner

Monroe County

Grades K-1

1st Kiralynn Lakowske - Herrman Elementary

MC, K-1 poster winner

Grades 2-3

1st Gabrielle Kelly - Cashton Elementary

MV, 2-3 poster winner

Grades 4-6

1st Rylee Olson - Herrman Elementary

MC, 4-6 poster winner