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'Back to the Land' gathering planned
in Gays Mills
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THIS MADRIGAL MUSIC performance held in Richland Center, 1977, on top of German Warehouse designed by Frank Lloyd Wright was one of many memories shared by Back-to-the-Landers for a project by Joshua Feyen and Kelle Lemley with support from the Wisconsin Humanities Council.

Were you part of, witness to or are you interested in learning about the ‘back to the land movement,’ a significant urban-to-rural migration, in Crawford, Richland and Vernon counties between 1965 and 1985? The general public is invited on Sunday, June 22, from 3:30 to 8 p.m., to learn about and discuss how this urban-to-rural migration to southwestern Wisconsin created and influenced the social, political, economic and cultural fabric in these three counties.

The presentation will be the result of earlier individual interviews and large group interactions to identify, explore and document how the back-to-the-land movement influenced community building historically and how it continues to resonate today.

The event will be held in the Community Room at the Gays Mills Community Commerce Center, located at 16381 Highway 131 in Gays Mills. The location is wheelchair accessible.

Following the June 22 event, the results of this humanities project will be made available to the general public through a series of traveling posters to display in community venues sponsored by the project collaborators and in local newspaper articles.

This event will be audio and video recorded. Individuals and families will also be invited to sit for a portrait to be included in future publications. Photos and recordings from the event will be archived at the Wisconsin Historical Society.

This free event is sponsored by the Wisconsin Humanities Council, with funds from the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Please register (free) by phone at 608-313-4075 or by email Please include names and ages of those attending. All ages are most welcome.