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Crawford County Fair Results
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The Crawford County Fair had a good run this past weekend in Gays Mills, according to most everyone who attended and those responsible for organizing the event.

Things launched smoothly on Wednesday evening with a mellow, but enjoyable Kickapoo Taste featuring some local foods and good music. There was also a moving tribute to 2015 Fair Ambassador Bridget Achenbach, who died in an auto accident last spring.

On Thursday, things got into full swing with some animal and exhibit judging, and a lot more. The day ended with a full-scale truck and tractor pull in the grandstand put on by SWWI Pullers that was well attended.

Then, the Friday rain arrived and stayed all day. Under umbrellas and in rain gear, the fair went on as best it could. Unfortunately, the rain would not subside and forced the cancellation of the Blessed FMX Stunt Show. The band ‘Menace’ was forced to perform in the Friends of the Fair Tent to a much smaller crowd than would have filled the grandstand.

On Saturday, things restarted with a good dairy show, a well-attended meat auction and much more. The Hard Hit Demo Derby played to a packed grandstand crowd.

The fair finished Sunday on an up note with plenty of good entertainment including the Surf Boys in the grandstand hosting a talent show and then reliving the 50s and 60s for an appreciative crowd. Monte Berger and his band played country music in the Friends of the Fair Tent and a spirited ranch rodeo was held in the horse arena.

If you missed this year’s Crawford County Fair, you better mark your calendars for next year because you certainly don’t want to miss all that fun with family, friends and neighbors at the fair.

The 2015 Crawford County Fair results were:


Supreme Champion, Dairy Female: Claire Teynor

Junior Champion, Registered Guernsey: Miranda Randall

Grand Champion, Registered Holstein: Claire Teynor

Intermediate Showmanship, Dairy: Cathleen Anderson

Junior Showmanship, Dairy: Makayla Steger

Senior Showmanship, Dairy, Sarah Kearns

Junior Champion, Grade Ayrshire: Laura Cornwall

Junior Champion, Grade Holstein, Avery Toberman

Reserve Junior Champion, Grade Holstein: Avery Toberman

Junior Champion, Grade Jersey: Reagan Kramer

Reserve Junior Champion, Grade Jersey: Luke Kramer

Junior Champion, Registered Holstein: Sarah Kearns

Reserve Champion, Registered Holstein: Brooke Moret

Reserve Junior Champion, Registered Holstein: Sarah Kearns

Grand Champion, Registered Jersey: Kal Randall

Junior Champion, Registered Jersey: Kal Randall

Reserve Champion, Registered Jersey: Kal Randall

Reserve Junior Champion, Registered Jersey: Miranda Randall

Junior Champion, Open Holstein Reg: Arnie Klema

Nathan Brown Memorial Award: Caleb Folbrecht

Reserve Champion, Registered Red And White Holstein: Caleb Folbrecht

Reserve Junior Champion, Registered Red And White Holstein: Jessica Steger

Dairy Member, Herd: Jessica Steger


Herdsmanship: Nate Toedter

Intermediate Showmanship: Hallie Toedter

Junior Showmanship: Lily Mitchell

Senior Showmanship: Kelsey Achenbach

Top Rate-Of-Gain: Blake Mitchell

Reserve Champion, Commercial: Chad Achenbach

Grand Champion, Commercial: Kelsey Achenbach

Reserve Champion, Dairy Steer: Brook Moret

Grand Champion, Dairy Steer: Eric Nolan

Top Rate-Of-Gain, Dairy Steer: Sarah Kearns


Champion, Market Barrow: Lily Mitchell

Reserve Champion, Market Barrow: Chad Achenbach

Champion, Purebred Market Barrow, Regan Kramer

Herdsmanship, Swine: Tyler Nagel

Intermediate Showmanship, Swine: Chad Achenbach

Junior Showmanship: Marie Achenbach

Senior Showmanship: Kelsey Achenbach

Reserve Champion, Purebred Market Barrow: Lucas Kramer


Champion Market: Joey Oppreicht

Herdsmanship: Joey Mezera

Intermediate Showmanship: Chad Achenbach

Junior Showmanship: Lindsay Nolan

Senior Showmanship: Rachael Nolan

Reserve Champion Market: Emma Hady


Showmanship Reserve Champion: Blake Mitchell

Halter Grand Champion: Olivia Loos

Showmanship Grand Champion: Olivia Loos

Equitation Grand Champion: Olivia Loos

Pleasure Grand Champion:         Olivia Loos

Trail Grand Champion: Dylan Ghormley

Gymkhana Grand Champion: Dylan Ghormley

Sportsmanship: Elizabeth Carlson

Barn Award: Keegan Eberling

Halter Reserve Champion: Blake Mitchell

Equitation Reserve Champion: Dylan Ghormley

Pleasure Reserve Champion: Blake Mitchell

Trail Reserve Champion: Brennah Ghormley

Gymkhana Reserve Champion: Kylie Heisz

English High Percentage Award: Dylan Ghormley

Western High Percentage Award: Kylie Heisz


Champion, Dairy Goat: Marie Achenbach

Reserve Champion, Diary Goat: Marie Achenbach

Intermediate Showmanship: Chad Achenbach

Junior Showmanship: Marie Achenbach


Champion, Chicken: Rachel M. Kramer

Reserve Champion, Chicken: Casey Ostheimer

Champion, Waterfowl: Chad Achenbach

Reserve Champion, Waterfowl: Emma Hady

Junior Showmanship: Emma Hady

Intermediate Showmanship: Casey Ostheimer

Champion, Bantam: Emma Hady

Reserve Champion, Bantam: Emma Hady


Best In Show: Casey Ostheimer

Best Opposite In Show: Alex Morga

Intermediate Showmanship: Casey Ostheimer

Junior Showmanship: Alex Morga

Top Meat: Elizabeth Carlson

Senior Showmanship: Keegan Eberling

Best In Class, Awards: Chad Achenbach (3), Casey Ostheimer (3), Marie Achenbach, Faith Morga, and Alex Morga


Pre-Novice A, Dog Obedience: Gracie Sime

Novice, Dog Obedience: Rachel Kramer

Pre-Novice B, Dog Obedience: Marie Achenbach

Intermediate, Showmanship: Tyler Heinz                                                                         

Junior, Showmanship: Gracie Sime

Grand Champion, Small Animal: Casey Ostheimer

Exotic Animals

Intermediate, Showmanship Alpacas: Aubree Larson

Champion: Aubree Larson

Reserve Champion: Aubree Larson

Indoor Exhibits

Animal & Veterinary, Science Best In Department: Elizabeth Garfoot

Animal And Vet Science Merit Award Winners: Gracie Sime, Connor Stenner, Casey Ostheimer, and Elizabeth Garfoot

Plant And Soil Science, Best In Department: Emma Hady

Plant And Soil Science Merit Winners: Skyler Achenbach, Lillian Draka, Casey Ostheimer, and Christopher Reising

Plant And Soil Science Superintendent Award Winner: Avery Toberman

Flower, Home Grounds and Plants Best In Department, Benedict Galligher

Flowers and Plants Department, Best In Class, Winner: Benedict Galligher

Flowers and Plants Merit Winners: Taylor Snyder, Rachel Kramer, Alexis Snyder, Dawn Baker

Natural Sciences, Best In Department Flowers and Plants Rachel Kramer

Natural Science Merit Award Winners: Ethan Dull, Faith Morga, TJ Clark, and Joseph Kramer

Natural Science Superintendent Award Winner: Joseph Kramer

Younger Youth, Best In Department: Brooke Mitchell

Younger Youth Best In Class Winner: Brooke Mitchell

Younger Youth Department Merit Winners: Archie Mickelson, Melissa Sletten, Grant Sime (2), Brooke Mitchell, Jack Draka

Younger Youth Superintendent Award: Mitchell Mickelson

Cultural Arts, Best In Department: Sadie Hooker

Cultural Arts Department, Best In Class, Winners: Samuel Gallagher, Sarah Bransky, Casey Ostheimer, Veronica Kramer

Department Merit Winners: Jayden Glassbrenner, Rachel Kramer, Joanna Blake, Marie Achenbach, Cassandra Becwar (2), Hannah Naas, Helen Carstens, Kylie Zimmerman, Becca Cornwall, Casey Ostheimer, Gracie Sime, Rosemary Gallagher, Lindsey Nolan, Cody Sime

Cultural Arts Superintendent Award Winners: Andrew Horner, Marisa Rew

Photography, Best In Department: Veronica Kramer

Photography Department, Best In Class, Winners: Department Merit Winners:  Jayden Glassbrenner, Nicholas Walz, Mckenzie Olsen, Olivia Loos, Hannah Naas, Adam Martin, Theresa Kramer, Rachel Kramer, Hannah Naas, Adam Martin, Travis Zach, Daniel Naas, Veronica Kramer, Joel Martin, Casey Ostheimer

Photography Superintendent Award Winners: Travis Zach and Adam Martin

Photography: Kathleen Pulda - weather lightning

Computers, Best In Department: Gracie Sime

Computer Merit Winners: Casey Ostheimer, Lucas Kramer, Lily Mitchell, Mckenzie Olsen

Computer Superintendent Award Winner: Becca Cornwall

Woodworking, Best In Department: Casey Ostheimer

Woodworking Department, Best In Class, Winner: Casey Ostheimer

Department Merit Winners: Noah Sprosty, Casey Ostheimer, Anastasia O’Brien, Rachel Kramer, Robert Ghormley

Woodworking Superintendent Award Winner: Rachel Kramer

Electricity, Best In Department: Ethan Dull

Electricity, Best In Class, Winner: Ethan Dull

Electricity Superintendent Award Winner: Alex Morga

Mechanical Projects, Best In Department: Emily Steger

Mechanical Projects Department, Best In Class, Winner: Emily Steger

Department Merit Winner: Isabella Rose

Mechanical Projects Superintendent Award Winner: Lucas Kramer

Food and Nutrition, Best In Department: Casey Ostheimer

Food and Nutrition Department, Best In Class, Winners: Emily Steger, Taylor Snyder, Helen Clark

Department Merit Winners: Casey Ostheimer (2), Cathleen Anderson, Lily Mitchell

Food and Nutrition, Open Class, Merit Winners: Nancy Dowling and Sondra Ostheimer

Food and Nutrition Sunrise Apple Award Winner: Cathleen Anderson (Jr), Nancy Dowling (Open)

Food And Nutrition Superintendent Awards: Aisja Achenbach and Jessica Valentine

Food Preservation, Best In Department: Rachel E. Kramer

Food Preservation Merit Award Winners: Marie Achenbach, Kelsey Achenbach, Kirsten Draka, Mckenzie Olsen, Chad Achenbach

Food Preservation, Open Class, Merit Winners: Elizabeth Garfoot, Hillary Bark, Beckey Kramer

Clothing, Best In Department: Lydia Kramer

Clothing Superintendent Award Winner: Jorja Clark

Knitting and Crocheting, Best In Department: Casey Ostheimer

Knitting and Crocheting Department, Best In Class, Winner: Casey Ostheimer, Jorja Clark

Department Merit Award Winners: Lillian Draka and Lucille Fillbach

Knitting And Crocheting Open Class Merit Award Winner: Dixie Dudenbostel

Knitting and Crocheting Superintendent Award Winner: Rachel Kramer

Home Furnishings, Best In Department: Casey Ostheimer

Home Furnishings Department, Best In Class, Winner: Casey Ostheimer

Department Merit Award Winner: Casey Ostheimer

Family Living, Best In Department: Casey Ostheimer

Family Living Department, Best In Class, Winner: Casey Ostheimer

Department Merit Winner: Casey Ostheimer

Family Living Superintendent Award: Casey Ostheimer

Communications, Best In Department: Rachel Marie Kramer

Junior Communication Merit Winners: Casey Osthemier, Mckenzie Olsen, Gabe Martin, Elizabeth Garfoot

Booths, Best In Department: Steuben River Runners

Jr. Booth Merit Winner: Steuben River Runners

Youth Leadership, Best In Department: Casey Ostheimer

Youth Leadership Merit Winner: Casey Ostheimer, Faith Morga, Rachel M. Kramer

Health, Social and Political Sciences, Best In Department: Elizabeth Garfoot

Health, Social and Political Science Merit Winner: Casey Ostheimer

Health, Social and Political Science Superintendent Award Winner: Jorja Clark

Open Class Exhibitors

Antiques, Best In Department: Sandra Jeffers

Antiques Merit Awards: Sandra Jeffers (2), Gail Grimsled, Lola J. Olson

Photography Open Class Merit Winners: Lisa Zach, Becky Nagel, Katrina Owens, Kathleen Pulda, Sherry Lechnir, Dawn Baker (2), Deanna Anderson, Nancy Dowling (3), Mishaela Dudenbostel

Blooming Baskets (Adult): Donna Teynor - 1st Bucket of Blooms; Merrilyn Norlin - 2nd Buckets of Blooms; Merrlyn Norlin - 3rd Bucket of Blooms; and Margaret  - 4th Bucket of Blooms

Foods & Nutrition                         

Casey Ostheimer - Carnival Canoodle WI Apples; Cathleen Anderson - Twisty Pretzel; Casey Ostheimer - Food for Gifts; Lily Mitchell - Oatmeal Cookies

Foods & Nutrition (Adult)                                         

Nancy Dowling - Angel Food Cake                            

Sondra  - Bread Machine Bread

Group Herdsmanship

Dairy- Happy Hi-Liters

Beef- Steuben Hi-Liters

Swine-Eastman Cloverleaf

Sheep- Eastman Cloverleaf

Goats-Eastman Cloverleaf

Poultry- Country Cuzz

Rabbits- Country Cuzz

Ball Fresh Preserving Award

First Place: Sawyer Roberts - Pear Halves; Monica Horner – Salsa; Hilary Bark - Dill Pickles; Madonna Jelinekaa - Currant Jelly; Karen Kramer - Blueberries; McKenzie Olson - Green Beans

Second Place: Laura Naas - Dried Apples Slices; Kathleen Cloven - Green Beans; Arena Bark - Pickled Dills; Beckey Kramer - Raspberry Jams; Rachel Kramer - Pickled Beets; Joseph Mezera - Strawberry Jam