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"The Pickwick Papers" April 1213
homeschool play

The Tri-State Homeschool Drama Troupe will be taking stage for the 16th year, performing the Charles Dickens comedy “The Pickwick Papers.” The play will take place at the Platteville High School auditorium Friday and Saturday, April 12–13 at 7 p.m. Senior members of the cast include (front, from left) Tess McPhail, Kristi Leitch, (middle) Grant Weaver, Aletheia Stiles, Karissa Quincy, Christopher Harkness, (back) Eric Evenson, Lanae Page, Andy Hunt, Heidi Mirth, and Jesse Balmer. Other seniors not pictured are Jason Downs, Abigail Schaepe, and stagehands Rebecka Volgarino, Alaine Pulver, and Luke Bendorf.