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Brooks bills on terrorism, victims rights pass Assembly
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Two bills authored by State Rep. Ed Brooks (R-Reedsburg), whose district includes Greenwood township, passed the Assembly with unanimous support Feb. 17.

The first bill, AB 341, which Brooks co-authored with state Sen. Howard Marklein (R-Spring Green), stiffens penalties for individuals who make false terrorist threats.

“In 2014, a young man threatened to ‘shoot up an elementary school.’ He wasn’t serious, but still, hundreds of lives were affected – children were pulled out of school, officers were called on to investigate, and police protection was required for area schools. Reedsburg Police Chief (Timothy) Becker and I discussed the incident, and he explained how frustrated he was that the only charge they could level against the young man was for disorderly conduct. That alone is not an effective deterrent, and it doesn’t communicate the seriousness of these crimes. AB 341 fixes the situation.”

The second bill, AB 652, co-authored with state Sen. Lena Taylor (D-Milwaukee), expands a victim’s right to receive notification to include any time an offender’s parole or extended supervision is revoked due to a violation of their condition of release.

“Too often in society, the survivor’s rights are overlooked,” said Brooks. “I believe that those who survive a violent crime have the right to be notified about parole revocations. They deserve peace of mind.”

AB 341 is ready for scheduling in the Senate, and Brooks hopes to see a vote scheduled some time in early March. AB 652 has passed both the Assembly and Senate, and awaits Gov. Scott Walker’s signature.