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City approves $871,155 revenue bonds
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SHULLSBURG — The Shullsburg City Council meeting Wednesday, May 17, 2017, began with an unapproved Pledge of Allegiance being recited.
    The council approved a bond resolution 2017-05 for the issuance and sale of $871,155 water system revenue bonds.  The $871,155 bond will serve as the collateral for the DNR loan. The loan from the DNR is a 20 year note with a fixed interest rate of 1.122%. This loan will be used for the current Oates, Iowa and Estey Streets infrastructure project. The payments will amount to $48,000 per year for a $1.5 million project. The council seemed pleased. The council also approved and signed a DNR Financial Assistance Agreement.
    Rip-rap – the council approved rip-rapping the east side of the new Co. O bridge crossing the Shullsburg Branch with an estimated cost of $45,000. The project will receive a grant of up to 25% of construction costs or approximately $9,000 from the Lafayette County Land Conservation Zoning office.
    Arsenic in playground equipment – Alder Duane Wedige has been investigating this issue. The question is - is there is a danger of arsenic in a popular wooden playground facility in Badger Park? Wedige stated he has found a company that will test a sample for arsenic for $68 per sample. The council decided to take several drill samples and send them in as one sample to be tested. Approved. This issue was originally brought up by Wayne Gehrt.
    Alder Emmett Rielly made a motion to have a referendum with regards to the McCoy Development. Rielly said, “I believe having a referendum would help people understand what we’re getting into. It’s a big project. With the money coming from the TID district, I think the people should have a voice in this.” Again the motion died for lack of a second. Gehrt emphatically stated the council should move on.
    Committee reports: Water – Alder Jim Paquette reported: A few lead pipes were upgraded, there are not too many left in the city; the underwater pool lights have been removed; the pool is being washed; a couple of water main breaks have been repaired; the church project is completed. Sewer – The phosphorous content issue in the water came up and we will be treating ours with chemicals if needed; progress has been made on our valve issue; a sludge pump has been installed, the wrong impeller will need to be replaced; no quote on the new generator. Electric – new software; solar energy use is on the radar; mutual aide issues are being worked on; someone is looking into our reclosure problem. Library - Rielly reported the library has hired a part-time person for 12 - 15 hours per week; new furniture was purchased from Platteville Library; conducting a raffle; a board member from Gratiot will be appointed to the Library Board. Building & Grounds – issue with the grease trap.
    In other business:
    •Paid vouchers $12,140.
    •Approved a resolution to vacate a public right-of-way a portion of High Street, this will be referred to the Plan Commission.
    •Approved a request from the Shullsburg Lions’ Club to display their original charter at the Shullsburg Townsend Center. The Shullsburg Lions’ were charter in 1947.
    •Approved the purchased of Asset Management Software from Cartegraph of Dubuque, Iowa for $1,180 per year. Also a fee of $1,800 for training two individuals.