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Council approves WHEAP participation
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This home, the current location of Ideal Art Sources, is for sale for $1 for parties interested in moving it from its Lincoln Avenue location. - photo by Robert Callahan photo

The Fennimore Common Council approved the city’s participation in the Wisconsin Home Energy Assistance Program (WHEAP) during a meeting Monday night, June 25.
The WHEAP provides assistance for heating costs, electric costs and energy crisis situations. Operating with federal and state funding, the program provides assistance to approximately 225,000 Wisconsin households annually.
The city presently operates its own bill payment assistance program for low-income customers. Last year the average low-income payment, made on July 1, was $94.
The average low-income payment during the previous heating season (Oct. 1, 2011 through May 15, 2012) for municipalities particpating in the WHEAP was $174.
“The low-income customers will be eligible for a higher benefit,” City Clerk Margaret Sprague said.
WHEAP assistance is a one-time payment during the heating season. The funding pays a portion of the heating costs, but the payment is not intended to cover the entire cost of heating a residence. The amount of the energy assistance benefit varies depending on a variety of factors, including the household’s size, income and energy costs.
The council’s approval of participation in the program is for non-heating electric energy costs through funding provided by Wisconsin’s public benefits program, a charge customers have seen on their monthly bills since 1999.
“Our customers have always been eligible for the ‘heating assistance’ part of the program,” Sprague explained. “This action gives [customers] access to the ‘electric assistance’ and ‘crisis assistance’ parts of the WHEAP program.
Promotions Coordinator report
In her report to the council, Promotions Coordinator Linda Parrish noted Immuno-Dynamics was recently certified for the European market.
“Things are getting more in order for them to be doing a lot more in international sales,” Parrish said.
Immuno-Dynamics hosted Canadian visitors June 11-12. The visitors stayed at the Fenway House.
“I am hearing a lot about how people are really happy with the accommodations at the Fenway House and the Silent Woman,” Parrish said.
Parrish also noted Dick and Rita Ketterer have sold the home that presently houses Ideal Art Sources. Ideal Art Sources will be relocating later this year.
“The house is for sale for $1, if anybody is interested in moving it,” Parrish said. “They hope to have that home removed by fall and be utilizing that property for American Bank by October or November.
“The drive-thru will be coming straight through, behind the current home, and part of that area will be used for parking for their staff.”