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County Administration Building to reopen March 1
Crawford County
CC admin building

CRAWFORD COUNTY - At their Tuesday, Feb. 16 meeting, the Crawford County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to reopen the County Administration Building to the public on March 1.

“We had a lengthy discussion about this, and our recommendation is to reopen the building on March 1,” Supervisor and Personnel Committee Chair Brad Steiner said. “That being said, everyone entering the building or working in the building will be required to wear a mask.”

One employee asked several clarifying questions about the decision.

“Does that mean that all staff will be required to resume working in the building, and will staff still be allowed to self-quarantine or isolate as needed?” County Treasurer Deanne Lutz asked.

“Yes, all staff will be required to begin working in the building again, and wear masks whenever they are in contact with each other or the public,” Steiner replied.

“I was hoping that we would still be allowed to rotate employees working in the office until everyone can be vaccinated,” Lutz said. “Will we have to wear our masks all day when we are in the building?”

“If you leave your office or when separation is not possible, then you will have to wear a mask,” County Board Chair Tom Cornford said.

In response to a question about which departments have more traffic from the public, County Board Chair Tom Cornford responded that ADRC and Health & Human Services seem to have the greatest amount of traffic.

“We are paying to clean the building and heat the building, and so I think the building should be used and open to the taxpayers,” Supervisor Larry Kelly said. “If people entering the building aren’t wearing a mask, they will be asked to do so, and if they refuse, they will be asked to leave. It will be especially important for department supervisors to set an example and wear a mask.”