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Crawford County Board establishes Broadband Study Group
Kickoff education event April 28
CC admin building

CRAWFORD COUNTY - The Crawford County Board of Supervisors formed a Broadband Study Committee at their Tuesday, April 20 meeting. The moment is timely when the talk of the nation and the state is focused on infrastructure projects such as broadband expansion. And it’s not only talk, there’s a lot of funding in the pipeline to turn the talk into reality.

“There is lots of money becoming available from the state and federal governments for broadband expansion,” Community Development Alternatives Dale Klemme told the board. “By forming a study committee, you are empowering non-interested parties to study the options and funding possibilities, and provide a recommendation to the board on how best to move forward.”

The advantage of doing this is that when the funding becomes available, the county will be ready to take action.

Supervisor Linda Munson moved, and Supervisor Brad Steiner seconded a motion to form the study group. By a unanimous vote, the county board approved form a study committee that will include Crawford County Supervisor Don Stirling, Gays Mills; Seneca School Superintendent Dave Boland; Derek Greenhalgh, BAPI IT, Gays Mills; Chad Trautsch, IT Computer Support Plus, Prairie du Chien: Cheryl Mader, retired CPA and former Mayor of Prairie du Chien; and Mark Forsythe, retired President People’s State Bank, Prairie du Chien.

Dale Klemme and Lori Bekkum of Community Development Alternatives will help to facilitate and coordinate the study group, working with Driftless Development and the Crawford County UW-Extension office.

“We expect the committee to meet in June and July, and to generate a recommendation to the Board no later than August,” Klemme said.

To kick off the study group’s work, Crawford County UW-Extension has announced the following education event:

On Wednesday, April 28, starting at 4:30 p.m., UW-Extension will offer a study group kickoff meeting with a presentation from Jaron McCallum, the State Broadband Director for the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin. McCallum will go over the many funding opportunities available to increase broadband in Crawford County. 

This is a zoom meeting, but participants can also call in. Please register using the link below or call the Extension Office at 608-326-0223 for us to help you register. 

Register here:

Or go to the Extension - Community Development home page: