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Development in City of Shullsburgs court
SHULLSBURG COUNCIL discuss the Parkview Residential Development that is proposed, at their meeting Wednesday, Aug. 2. Pictured, clockwise from front left are: Marsha Einsweiler - clerk/treasurer; Duane Wedige - council member; Emmett Reilly - council member; Gloria Swenson - mayor; Kory Ritterbusch - council member; Jim Paquette - council member and Nathan Russell - attorney representing Jack and Susan McCoy.

SHULLSBURG — The Shullsburg City Council had a large agenda on Wednesday, August 2, 2017. The meeting was called to order by Mayor Gloria Swenson.
    Attorney Nathan Russell was present, representing Jack and Susan McCoy in regard to the offering of residential property (14.25 acres) to the City of Shullsburg by Jack and Susan McCoy to be known as the Parkview Development and the approval of the covenants. Jack McCoy was also present.
    A final draft of the covenants and a survey map was given to the city for their final approval. The city will have their attorney look at the covenants. To meet the density requirements (to use the TIFF funds) the map shows nineteen single family parcels and seven condominium parcels.
    If the city approves the covenants, the covenants would be attached to the property, by the McCoy’s, prior to the transfer of the land to the City of Shullsburg. Then the property would be deeded to the city and the deed would also have a few restrictions on it. Such as, if the city failed to sell the lots and covert it into some other use the property would revert back to Advance Shullsburg. The other restriction would be the cost of the parcels. Another deed restrict had language regarding fencing on the south side of the development. McCoy noted another restriction – the McCoy name can not be associated with a street name or any part of the development.
    The council will read over the covenants and forward them to legal council. It wasn’t known if this item will be ready to be acted on at the next City of Shullsburg meeting.
Gobrecht Gate
    A complaint by resident Larry Gobrecht involving the recent street and sidewalk reconstruction on Oates and Estey Street was revisited. Gobrecht had stated the gap under hit gate was four and a half inches and since the reconstruction project is now eight inches.
    Duane Wedige, council member, began the conversation saying, “After the last meeting and investigating since then. I think everything is the way to should be, I don’t think we should be doing anything at this point.” He asked Gobrecht, “Larry you said at the last meeting that you didn’t nail boards under the gate until after the construction started.” Gobrecht answered, “Correct.”
    Wedige then produced a picture that Delta 3 had taken from before the project started, in April, that shows the boards under the fence. Wedige said, “In the picture the gap under the fence looks like the same eight inches that it is now.” Gobrecht again contented it was four and a half inches before the construction and eight and a half now, after construction. Wedige again went to the picture. Wedige said, “You said the problem is with the gate, in this picture the gap under the fence looks like eight inches before the construction started. In my opinion we don’t need to do anything with this. We’re done with this, the rest of the council can make up their own mind on this, But I’m done with it.”
    Gobrecht then took the “before” picture and pointed out the slope of the ground is higher under his fence now and wants it put back the way is was before. He wants the old pitch. Gobrecht said, “You got to drop the soil at the fence, I told you that at the last meeting.” Gobrecht acknowledged the gap under the fence was eight inches (before construction).
    Gobrecht said, “The street is eight in lower then is was before.” Gobrecht stated he wants to bring Mandrell Construction to a meeting. Wedige said, “There is no way Estey Street is eight inches lower that what is was before. That’s ridicules. We’re done here, if you want to bring Mandrell in here. Fine. As far as I’m concern, we aren’t doing anything to that fence, everything we did her was fine.”
    Emmet Reilly stated, “To him the road looks eight inches lower.”
    Wedige then asked Gobrecht if he had or could show him a permit for the fence. Gobrecht answered no. Wedige said, “I know you can’t show me a permit for the fence, because the tax assessor has no record for a permit for the fence. I don’t really care about that. My point is the problem was there before we started. I just want to move on. I’m tired of talking about it. Then Wedige asked the council if they were done with it.” Jim Paquette, council member, said, “I was done with it after the last meeting.”
    Gobrecht then asked, “You haven’t sought legal council yet, have you? Because I have already have.” Paquette said, “Good for you.” The issue was not acted on, the council will talk to Mandrell Construction.

Union Street storm sewer
    The council revisited the problem with the Union Street storm sewer drain. The problem is the drainage system floods during a hard rain. The city spent $12,000 fixing the problem in 2016.
    Wedige reported he walked (crawled) the drain tubes, to seven vents, in the area and found no obstructions. Wedige stated he can’t believe it’s plugged above the point he looked at, because the water rushing down during a rain storm and the system was handling it. Butch Ubersox we got to look at something, because we never had this problem before.
    LADY addressed the council and said, “I’ve lived on Union Street for seventeen years and that water has never gotten that high, not even close to the height it was that Friday night. There is something wrong, because water is shooting up from the ground in spots, not near a drain. Something must be busted underground.”
    The council decided to use a camera to investigate further – both directions. The camera option has already been approve.
County Animal Ordinance
    Lafayette County board recently adopted Ordinance 7-1-1.13f and it came up on the agenda. Among other things this ordinance sets regulations for commercial animal establishment, pet dealers, pet breeders, kennels, dog day care facilities, grooming shops and other commercial pet facilities.
    The ordinance was met coolly in the City of Shullsburg. LADY who runs SOMETHING DOG KENNELS stated her concerns were a conflict of interest with the Humane Officer, who is Mezzner owning a Messy Muts grooming business.
    It was stated at the meeting that Shullsburg has the option, by resolution, to opt out of the ordinance. It was also stated that other municipalities in Lafayette County were choosing to opt out. Shullsburg took the position “wait and see”.
Water Line
    The council discussed installing a water line to the Veterans Memorial. Paquette explained that volunteers will trench the water line in and the only cost to the city will be the cost of the line. Reilly was concern with the rock in that area and thought a trencher might not do the job and it that might cost $2,000 - $3,000. Paquette said to Reilly, “Emmett, I just said the equipment and labor will be donated.” Reilly said, “You didn’t say anything about a backhoe.” Paquette replied, “If there is additional cost, I will pay for it.”
    Reilly said, “There has never been water at the memorial, so I don’t see why it’s needed.” Paquette said, “Well we’re going to have water now!” Reilly continued, “That free addition is going to cost us about $10,000.” Paquette answered, “And that would be a bargain if that’s all it costs.” Reilly, “$10,000, $10,000. We couldn’t put a dime into the wooden playground equipment.” A motion and second in install a water line to the Veterans Memorial was made. Approved 3 yes, 1 no.
Codification II
    James Bonneville from Municode working out of Minneapolis, Minn. made a presentation regarding a book/system of coding and organizing the ordinances of the city. The base cost is $9,300 with a $1,195 annual fee, plus $20 per page for any changes. The city will contact cities that use Municode or General Code, the two companies that are vying for the cities business, looking for feedback before making a decision.
    In other business:
    •Approved paying the bills for General, Water, Sewer, Electric, Pool, Museum, Library and TIFF Finds in the amount of $00,0000.
    •No action paying Mandrell Excavating for the Iowa, Estey & Oates Street reconstruction project, application #4.
    •Approved the rip-rap plan on the Shullsburg branch near city garage. The price on the plan is not known at this time. The council is working with the assumption that it will be under $10,000.
    •Approved a final certified survey map for property located at 174 & 171 E. Truth Street owned by Kathleen Heim to combine parcels.
    •Approved a sidewalk assessment of $6,483 to the property owners located on the north side of Main Street, where the sidewalk was installed.
    •Approved a location for the “Little Free Library”. The location is behind the church, near the park.
    •Rejected both quotes for the purchase of a new Water Dept. truck.
    •Approved operators licenses applications for Kitten Gordon, McKenzie Milestone and Cheyanne Goodwin.
    •Will be looking into trash containers for Water Streets.
    •Approved sending a letter to the Wisconsin Congressional delegation asking for relief from Wisconsin strict and costly phosphorous standard, set by the Wisconsin DNR.