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Hospital Committee makes an offer for lot in Argyle
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DARLINGTON – The Hospital Committee approved at their meeting on Feb. 22 to offer Philip Steiner $75,000 for the lot and house located at the corner of South State Street and Mill Street in the village of Argyle to be used to build a new clinic.
Steiner initially told the subcommittee, made up of Homer Evenstad, Bev Anderson and Bob Boyle, he wanted $100,000 for the lot and the house. Then on Wednesday, Feb. 21, he called and told them he wanted $149,000. The lot and house is assessed at $33,000, according to 2016 tax bills.
“He told me it definitely wouldn’t be over $100,000. Then last night (February 21) he said it would at least be $100,000. I said personally I couldn’t recommend that to the committee,” Anderson said.
Evenstad felt the committee should let Steiner “sit a while”.
“The price seems to be based on leverage,” Evenstad said.
“Why don’t we have an offer we are willing to pay and move on it here today? If we are going to go for it, then give him a final offer if not then move on and get something else going. We don’t have time to play games,” Medical Director Matt Solverson stated.
Evenstad asked what the hurry was.
Solverson said that there are rumors that competitors want to build a clinic a short distance away from the current clinic in Argyle.
“Monroe is looking at building a clinic outside Argyle. The closer they get to Argyle, the more it puts us in jeopardy of not having a rural health clinic in Argyle. There has to be a mileage difference. There is a certain sense of urgency, so if we sit on this it puts us at risk,” MHLC COO Kathy Kuepers mentioned.
“If we put it on the table then they have the right to do with it what they want,” Boyle said.
Jack Sauer suggested offering double the appraised value.
Boyle recommended $75,000.
Solverson said to give Steiner 10 days or until March 4 to give his answer, “and if he says no then give another proposal at the next months meeting.”
Evenstad felt the committee should still be looking during this negotiating time.
Sauer asked what was the status of the old school property in Argyle and the raze order that was placed on it.
“That would be ideal but that would have to be taken down,” Evenstad said.
Boyle and Evenstad mentioned another property they have looked into but still need more information on it.
Wiegel made a motion with Carol Korn seconding to offer the $75,000 for the lot and house pending Finance Committees approval.
The committee will meet on Monday, March 5 to discuss Steiner’s answer.
Other Business
The Hospital Committee approved:
-the purchase of a new surgical table for $51,434.
-five employees to go to Rural Health Clinic training in Green Bay for a total of $1,500.
-the annual bylaw update.