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Manor orders new server, discusses new flooring
AQUARIUM OF REMEMBRANCE at the Lafayette Manor. Dick Anderson poses in front of the aquarium he designed and built. The Lafayette Manor is sponsoring the project. Engraved fish in the aquarium will represent an individual who has donated to the Auxiliary either on their own behalf or in honor or memory of a loved one.

DARLINGTON - At the Lafayette Manor Committee meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 30, Peggy Rolli, Manor Administrator gave a report from outgoing IT Director, Jason Walter regarding the new server the Manor has needed for the past year.
    The bid received from SHI, an online hardware and software company is for a HPE ProLiant ML10 Gen9 – Server, 1 TB hard drive, 16 GB DIMM and Microsoft Windows server standard license for $1,384. The Manor’s capital purchases budget has $2,000 budgeted and that could be used for this purchase. John Perkins, County Board and Manor committee member said, “We’ve been talking about this for several months.” A motion was made and approved to make the purchase.
Second Floor Flooring
    Rolli stated the second floor, which is the main floor, is in need of having the flooring replaced. Rolli explained they have been replacing tiles, but they keep popping up. The Manor Auxiliary declined on taking up the flooring project. Rolli did report that the Donald Glindenning Estate has awarded the Lafayette Manor $78,000. Rolli said, “We have a very pleasant and generous donation that we haven’t had in the past. Perhaps that money could be used for the flooring.” Bids will be brought back to the committee.
    Christine Tabaka, Finance Manager at the Manor, presented a financial report. For Dec. 2017 the revenue was $349,260 and expenses were $376,429, a loss of $27,169. The 2017 year-end numbers show revenue at $4,346,996 and expenses are $5,014,150, leaving a loss of $667,155 for the year. This is $375,359 above the levy allowed. Other modifications for year-end may need to be applied to these figures.
    Tabaka stated an increase medicaid rate went into effect in January; room rates will increase $2.11 per day. There are a lot of cost savings initiatives that are going into effect.
    Greg Pickett, committee member, handed out a funding information sheet. It noted that 100% of increases in losses are due to expenditure increase (since revenue was higher then projected). Pickett spoke about ways to change the trend and explain losses. Pickett still maintains that low numbers in therapy services are a main problem in the budget numbers. An annual end-of the-year report was requested.
    In other business:
    • Pickett reported there is a Wisconsin Association of County Homes meeting on Feb 13 & 14. Pickett stated he is going and offered a ride to any others that wanted to attend.
    •No action on new generator as there were no formal bids. Jim Lange, Environmental Services Supervisor, has spoken to Precision Drive & Control of Monroe and Cummins of Oak Creek. Both parties are interested in bidding. Lange is waiting for a reply from the state on whether or not the Manor will need two transfer switches on the generator. No figures yet.
    •Had three admission and four discharge for the month of Dec. 2017. The census as of Dec. 31, 2017 is 52 residents. Report approved.
    •Jill Boelk reported since the last meeting, the Manor has had five new hires, two resignations, one retirement and two status changes. The Manor has 99 employees, 40 full-time, 13 part-time and 46 fill-in PRN (as the situation demands) status. Report approved.
    •Overtime for Dec. 2017 was $5,606, that’s down from Nov. 2017 at $5,484.
    •Rolli has interviewed four LPN’s. One has started and another one is considering an offer. The schedule is looking good. A few holes here and there, but not too many.
    •Auxiliary purchased four iPods for music and memory programs.
    •Approved bills in the amount of $71,611.