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Manor upbeat about projected $456,000 loss of taxpayers dollars
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DARLINGTON - At the Lafayette Manor Committee meeting, Larry Ludlum, chair, called the meeting to order at 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 24, 2017.
    Christine Tabaka was introduced as the new Finance Manager at the Manor and is a part-time (.6) position. Molly Wiegel the interim Manor Finance Manager will be phased out over time.
    Wiegel began her report stating the average census at the Manor for August is 54.58 residents, the budget was based on 57 residents. According to Wiegel, August year-to-date revenue is below budget by $140,684 and expenses are also below budget by $134,697. The year-to-date loss (compared to budget) is $263,654.
    In actual numbers the total loss for the Manor at the end of August is $419,731. Wiegel said, “We should stay around where we are, especially since census has been good. I’m comfortable with a projected loss of $456,000 at the end of the year.”
    The budgeted levy for the Manor in 2017 was set at $291,796, so the projected year-end loss of $456,00 in taxpayers dollars would be $164,204 above what is budgeted.
    The 2018 budgeted levy for the Manor was increased to $325,044.
    A room rate increase and more available rooms (due to hospital offices being moved back to the hospital), should help the numbers in the future.
    In other business.
    •No action on a server replacement. A report was read from Jason Walters IT Department Head.
    •No action on new generator as there are no bids.
    •Carpeting on the end living rooms in Willow and Fairview is in bad shape. The Auxiliary will pay for materials (laminate flooring) and Jim Lange, Head Maintenance, will do the work.
    •An ipad was requested from the Auxiliary to be used for recipes in the kitchen.
    •Had three admissions and one discharge for the month of Sept. The census as of Sept. 30 is 57 residents. Report approved.
    •Jill Boelk reported currently the Manor has 94 employees, 39 full-time, 15 part-time and 40 fill-in PRN (as the situation demands) status. Report approved.
    •Overtime for Sept. was $7,852, that’s down from August $8,432.

Manor Required Funding Summary
                    Year     Amount
Projected    2018 - $340,026
Budgeted    2018 - $325,044
Projected    2017 - $456,726
Budgeted    2017 - $291,796
Actual    2016 - $547,147
Actual    2015 - $404,211
Actual    2014 - $576,364
Actual    2013 - $660,191
Actual    2012 - $512,974