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Marklein applauds wine walks bill passage
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State Sen. Howard Marklein (R-Spring Gree) said he was pleased to see the Senate pass legislation he co-authored regarding wine walks Sept. 17.

“This legislation makes common sense reforms within the current temporary Class B alcohol license structure that will allow our communities to have these wine walks, which have been so successful in the past,” said Marklein.

Over the past decade, communities in southwestern and south central Wisconsin have promoted businesses in their area by sponsoring wine walks or beer walks.

During these events, the hosting organization will purchase the wine or beer to be used at the participating businesses. Patrons of legal drinking age purchase a ticket from the hosting organization and are given a wine or a beer glass. The patron can then walk to each business involved in the event and sample wine or beer while they are inside the business premises.

The Department of Revenue recently clarified in their publication that wine walks have always been illegal because the events do not abide by the rules of the current temporary Class B alcohol license.

The bill the Senate passed would allow for establishments and businesses which do not serve alcohol to obtain a temporary license as long as someone in the establishment is properly trained to serve alcohol.

Senate Bill 236 awaits passage on the floor of the State Assembly and a signature by Gov. Scott Walker.