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Multi-Use Building in planning stages, finding new expenses
MEASURING AND PLOTTING are members of the Multi-Use Facility Committee. They are (l to r) Jack Sauer, Keith Dalsing and Tom Jean. David Hammer just outside the photo frame.

At the Multi-Use Facility Committee meeting held Monday, March 6, 2017, Jack Sauer, acting chairman, called the meeting to order at 10:00 a.m.
    This is the committee that is charged with designing and constructing a new building located on County Shop Road, across from the main Lafayette County Highway Dept. building. The building will house Highway Dept. trucks, Aging and Disability Resource Center buses and an alternate Sheriff’s Department command center.
    The committee has contracted with Keith Dalsing from KD Engineering to supervise and move the project forward. Dalsing brought tentative plans, maps and drawings to the meeting to get things rolling.
    The committee is wrestling with having fire safety sprinkler system or dividing the building into three 5,000 square foot sections with firewalls separating the sections so they wouldn’t be required to have a sprinkler system. Sauer said, “I’m not sure which option I like less.” Dalsing said he would get a solid price on what a sprinkler system would cost for the building and check into other options.
    Storm water management - a pond will have to be put in because your taking a corn field and turning it into a building and parking lot, so there will be a lot more storm water will run off and it needs somewhere to go. This is a state requirement.
    The meeting room part of the building is 48’x80’. Jean is planning on a four foot frost wall with two foot above ground x 8” wide, this will avoid having to put clear stone under the floor. Dalsing suggested a two inch foam on the inside of the wall. Under the floor a vapor barrier and insulation will be planned for. The meeting room will have an eleven foot ceiling with a two foot drop ceiling, so there will be access for hvac in the ceiling. The committee will need to decide what floor to have in the meeting room - tile, carpet or sealed concrete. Drywall will used for the interior walls.
    The cold storage area will have sixteen foot high bay doors that will be twenty foot wide. The doors will have windows in them to let light in the building.
    A new generator will need to be purchased, unless the portable generator from another highway building could be used.
    Dalsing assigned Jean some tasks, starting with what is the water flow and water pressure of the water line that passes by the property? 2.) Will the City of Darlington annex the property into the city? 3.) What is the location of the closest sewer line and how deep is the line? 4.) Does the City of Darlington have storm water regulations? 5.) Specifications on the buses from Commission on Aging.
    In other business: Jean said they will received a refund from Menards.