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New roof needed, possible concerns with Argyle Clinic
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DARLINGTON – Members of the Hospital Committee discussed a need for a new roof at Memorial Hospital and having possible issues with the Argyle Clinic building at their meeting June 28.
Member Larry Ludlum asked how much is left to be pay on the loan to purchase the Family Health Clinics. Chikowski said there is a fair amount left. They have not done a physical assessment on the buildings yet that they are required to do to obtain Rural Health Clinic Status. Chikowski feels the Argyle Clinic may be an issue.
“Once we get our HIPSA, we will need to do a walk through. We need to be surveyed to get Rural Health Clinic status. The handicap designation needs to be looked at in the Argyle Clinic and we need to see if the location meets our needs or do we need to find an alternative location,” Chikowski informed.
A new security and phone system has been installed at the Darlington Clinic. They are getting new IT infrastructure set up for all the clinics as well.
Along the lines of repairs, Hospital Administrator Julie Chikowski stated that part of the roof is in need of repair. They had budgeted about $25,000 to repair the roof but a bid came back at $105,000. Chikowski stated they would be getting two additional bids.
Part of the roof had been done last year and the plan was to finish the rest in three years.
“But this years and next years repairs need to be done now,” Chikowski urged.
Chief Operating Officer Kathy Kuepers agreed with Chikowski stating that there was been some leaks occurring.
Chairman Jack Sauer suggested the hospital contact Darlington School District and get information on the contractors that are working on the high school roof; Tilsen Roofing Company.
“It would be great since they are down here if they could just come over and do ours,” member Bob Boyle mentioned.
Chikowski said she would get in touch with Denise Wellnitz and discuss information on Tileson and other contractors that bid for the roofing contract at the school and have Sauer give the final say as to which company to choose.
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The hospital’s drafted financials were discussed. The income statement showed a loss for the year of close to $30,000 but they had budgeted a loss of a little over $94,000 due to the purchase of the clinics. The net revenue for services is over budget because they are generating more charges because of a larger volume of patients being seen. The cash value is over one million dollars continues to look healthy. The clinic has seen 8,651 patients year to date. In May, the clinics saw a little over 2,000.
The committee approved offering $5,000 for relocation costs/expenses for upper level professionals.