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New Veterans Service Officer
Sgt. Samual Fuller

DARLINGTON – Lafayette County welcomes Sgt. Samuel Fuller to the position as the new Veteran’s Service Officer after the retirement of Dave Wieskircher.
Growing up in a military family, Fuller graduated from Platteville High School in 2000. His father is the Assembly Chief Clerk of Wisconsin and his mother is a Criminal Justice Professor at UW-Platteville. After graduation, Fuller went to college but then enlisted in the military and has been on active duty since 2003. He recently ended his active duty to join the Army Reserves in October 2016, but not before serving two tours in Afghanistan and one in Iraq. He served two tours under the 82nd Airborne Division and one with the 173rd Airborne Brigade out of Italy and his last duty was stationed in Fort Carson, Colorado with the 4th Infantry Division. He is now in Military Intelligence and he is an Intel Analysis out of Milwaukee.
Fuller is a hockey coach for the Wisconsin Amateur Hockey Association out of Dodgeville, where he coaches five-year-olds and teaches them how to play. He lives in Ridgeway with his six-year-old son where he recently joined as a volunteer fireman. And if that isn’t enough on his plate, he started online college classes for Emergency Disaster Management.
“I stay pretty busy,” Fuller commented on his schedule.
He hopes to get his name out there and get more veterans in the office.
“Many veterans probably don’t know what they benefit for. I need to try and educate them and get them what they deserve.”
Fuller explained that veterans may not know that they can obtain fishing and hunting licenses for free or are eligible for free Green Bay Packers.
“I was able to see the first Green Bay Packers playoff game and that was just because I was a veteran and signed up and said, here you go and I got six free tickets. There are so many different things you can do.”
He wants to be able to help Lafayette County veterans in anyway he can. He said that Wieskircher and the volunteer drivers did a great job in getting veterans to their appointments up at the VA Hospital in Madison and he hopes to continue that. Fuller stated that he is still working on understanding everything but is learning quickly.
“It’s a little bit overwhelming but I am figuring it out day by day.”
The Veteran’s Service Office is located at the Lafayette County Courthouse near the UW-Extension Office at 627 Washington Street in Darlington.