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Platteville airport annexed into city
airport aerial

The city-owned Platteville Municipal Airport is now part of the City of Platteville.

The Common Council voted to annex the airport into the city, after the city Plan Commission had tabled the proposal in November, then voted to approve the proposal.

The proposal would allow the city to collect property taxes from the owners of hangars on the airport grounds. Those property taxes now go to the Town of Platteville. City staff had favored the annexation to bring in revenues to pay for recent improvements at the airport.

Annexation requires the city to reimburse the Town of Platteville $877.38 per year for the next five years for the property taxes the town will lose.

The city paid for 5 percent of the $870,000 cost of the taxiway project through airport revenues. The Federal Aviation Administration and the Wisconsin Department of Transportation funded the rest of the project.

The airport is nearly four miles south of the city limits, but state law allows annexation of non-contiguous property owned by a city.

The city proposal includes rezoning the airport from Grant County’s M-1 Heavy Industrial zoning to the city’s Institutional zoning.

Buildings at the airport are now subject to city building code, and Platteville police are responsible for patrolling the airport.