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Platteville EMS raising funds for AutoPulses
Campaign seeks $10,404 for device that performs CPR chest compressions
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Platteville EMS is raising funds to purchase Zoll AutoPulses to be placed in each of the ambulances responsible for responding to 911 calls.

The Zoll AutoPulse is a mechanical Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation device that performs the compression portion of CPR.

The AutoPulse resembles a half backboard with a band that comes across the patient’s chest. The patient is placed on the board and is lined up for the constricting band to come to a rest on the chest in a designated position. The band is pulled tight, compressing the chest.

The AutoPulse allows for continuous high quality compressions that remain consistent throughout the entire time the machine is working. Numerous non-biased studies have shown that using a mechanical compressor improves the chances of surviving a cardiac arrest event. The Zoll AutoPulse also fully interfaces with Platteville EMS’ cardiac monitors/defibrillators and the two will communicate with each other to deliver the electrotherapy (defibrillation) at the exact moment that it is most beneficial to the patient (once approved by the Food & Drug Administration).

The AutoPulse also allows for compressions to be given while the EMS crew is moving a patient to the ambulance because EMTs are unable to do compressions when moving a patient down a set of stairs for safety concerns. The AutoPulse also increases EMT safety during transport, because EMTs wouldn’t be standing over a patient performing chest compressions while the ambulance is moving. (EMTs are injured when standing in a moving ambulance with normal traffic — if there was an accident, the EMT could be seriously injured or killed).

There is non-biased scientific proof that when an AutoPulse is used, a patient suffering a cardiac arrest is more likely to survive and have a favorable outcome than patients where an AutoPulse is not used. Over the past several years, Platteville EMS has had some cardiac arrest saves in which the patient had a favorable outcome. Platteville EMS wants to provide the equipment to increase the chances of this happening for more of our cardiac arrest patients. If purchased, Platteville EMS would be joining multiple services throughout the state, nation and locally that are providing this technology to their patients. Currently Fennimore Rescue Squad, Highland EMS, Dodgeville Area Ambulance Service and Mineral Point EMS have this equipment if/when needed, and additional services are looking at these as well.

Through grants, donations and pledges already received, Platteville EMS has raised approximately two-thirds the amount needed. Platteville EMS still needs to raise $10,404 to be able to purchase this lifesaving equipment.

For further information about the Zoll AutoPulse, contact EMS Administrator Brian Allen,, or call 348-1835. Tax deductible donations can be mailed to Platteville EMS, Attn: AutoPulse, P.O. Box 780, Platteville, WI 53818-0780.