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Platteville pool fees simplified this year
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City of Platteville services are more expensive this year than last year in some areas, and less expensive in some others.

The Platteville Common Council approved several fee changes Jan. 26.

The biggest changes were in pool fees, which were simplified from six different classes for yearly passes to one. Season passes now cost $50 for residents and $75 for nonresidents, with additional family members 3 and older $20 each.

A family of four residents — two adults and two children between 6 and 18 — would have paid $112 before May 30 and $118 after May 30 now will pay $110 if they are city residents and $125 if they live outside the city. 

Daily pool passes were reduced from $1 to $4 depending on age to $3. Water aerobics classes were increased from $35 for a 10-punch card or $4 per visit to $75 for a card or $5 per visit.

The only other recreational fee changes were junior golf, from $20 for residents and $40 for nonresidents to $50, and open gym, for which the drop-in fee decreased from $5 to $3.

Copies of public records on CD or DVD now cost $15, up from $5. Reportable car accident reports are now available only from the state Department of Transportation, while the Police Department will now assess a $5 temporary plate service fee.

Burials on weekends and holidays increased $50, to $750. Other funeral-related fees stay the same — $700 for weekday grave openings, $100 extra for grave openings between Nov. 1 and March 31, $400 for grave openings for infants, and $500 for cremations.

The city now has a new $10 fee for provisional taxi driver licenses, which can be issued by the city temporarily until the council has a chance to vote on the license.

Dog licenses still cost $6 for spayed or neutered dogs and $12 for intact dogs, but licenses for dogs to 1 year old now cost $6.