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Shullsburg to seal arsenic lumber in playground
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SHULLSBURG — The Shullsburg City Parks Committee meeting held Monday, June 19, was called to order by chair Duane Wedige. The meeting was convened to find a solution regarding the arsenic that has been found in playground equipment in Badger Park.
    Wedige started the meeting stating that he believes this arsenic is dangerous. The results of the samples tested showed that the arsenic was not found in the dirt or sand around the equipment, but is in the lumber that was used to construct the equipment.
    Jason Weiskircher, representing the Fourth of July Committee, stated that their committee has been maintaining the playground equipment for a number of years and had offered to repair and tighten up the structure recently. That is when the arsenic issue was brought up. Weiskircher said in his research it’s important to seal the wood every year.
    Wedige had come to the same conclusion and suggested that the lumber be sealed with an oil based product. A motion was made to that effect and approved and that will be what the Park Committee will recommend to the City Council. Wedige will work with Sherman Williams of Platteville which has some experience with this issue.