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Windfall land sale for Highway Dept.
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At the Lafayette County Highway Dept. meeting held Wednesday, March 15, 2017, chair Dwayne Larson called the meeting to order at 8:00 a.m. Tom Jean, Lafayette County Highway Commissioner informed the committee that there is a two acre parcel of land located in the Town of Wiota on the south side of Sand Road just to the east of Blackhawk park. The parcel was deeded to the Highway Department in 1976, having to do with straightening the road. A motion was made and approved to put the property up for sale through the sealed bids. Bids will be due by Thursday, April 13.
    Under project updates – it was all about the wind farm that is coming to the Seymour Township area. The project will start April 3, 2017 with wind turbines being constructed by the end of July 2017.
    Jean said a road agreement with Quilt Block Wind Farm (QBWF) has not yet been finished. Some of the issues from the County Highways perspective are: driveways that QBWF put in would not be removed unless Lafayette County Highway Department (LCHD) asked that they be removed. LCHD wants to change to - they will be removed, unless LCHD specifies that they not be removed; QBWF if the roads get damaged, it is to their discretion of who will fix the damaged roads and will bring the road back to current condition (the condition of the road before construction starts) LCHD wants to have first option to fix the damaged roads; LCHD wants a bond in case the company goes broke.
    The roads that will be affected (South of Hwy. 81): Co. O from Hwy. 81 to Co. Q; Co. Q to Co. I; Co. I from Co. Q to Hwy. 81. North side of Hwy. 81: Co. U from Hwy. 81 to where it ends; Co. O to Holland Road; Co. F from Hwy. 81 to Pleasant View Road; Pleasant View Road included also. This list was given orally, so it may not be complete. See the map for a complete view of the roads and properties affected.
    Jean asked the committee if the county could do a roads pre-construction assessment by MSA Professional Services that will cost $5,000 - $6,000. Jean thought we should certify the conditions of these roads as of today. There would be video logs, borings, etc. Approved by the committee.
    Roof replacement to the main building of the County Highway Department. It is leaking in the offices and something needs to be done. Jean got an estimate from a local contractor for $16,000, the estimate is for a peaked roof, put on top of the flat roof which is currently in place. The committee asked Jean to get another estimate. This will be brought back to the next meeting.
    The committee approved buying a new trailer for a Bobcat at $6,200. The old Bobcat trailer will be mounted with a generator that will power the highway building (the building with the gas pumps). It will also make the generator portable.
    A safety resolution was approved by the committee and will be sent to the County Board for approval. The resolution designating April 3 – 7, 2017 as Work Zone Safety Awareness Week. Asking motorist to slow down in work zones.
    •Overtime report – 61.9 hours, equaling $1,732 and comp time accrued 63.4 hours equaling to $1,748.
    •Approved Feb. vouchers for $60,737. Including diesel fuel for $31,000; radiant heaters for $3,700.