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It was a fine Crawford County Fair!
CR llama grl
Aubree Larson and her llamas, Augusta and Cleo, received grand champion and showmanship in the Exotic Animals competi-tion at the Crawford Coun-ty Fair.

CRAWFORD COUNTY - By almost all accounts, the 2017 Crawford County Fair was a resounding success. Weather, attendance, events and exhibits all seemed to meet or exceed expectations.

How good was it? Crawford County Extension 4-H Youth Agent Amy Mitchell was ready to head off to the fair Monday morning—that’s how good it was.

“I just love driving off to the fair and seeing everyone,’ Mitchell said Monday. “As usual the work of the fair volunteers and the 4-H volunteers came together to pull off a great event.”

For Mitchell, it was her fifteenth straight Crawford County Fair, with 14 of them as the official UW-Extension Youth Agent.

“In 15 years, a lot has changed, but a lot has also stayed the same,” Mitchell said with a touch of nostalgia in her comment.

Crawford County Ag Agent Vance Haugen had much the same take on things. As he made the rounds Saturday morning judging the clubs he was struck by the quality of the exhibits and the animals.

“Everything was so clean and neat,” Haugen noted. “It’s not the largest number of animals we ever had, but there are increasing numbers of beef, swine, goats, sheep, rabbits and chickens. While dairy has been going down over the past few years, it seems to have leveled out. There were some very good-looking animals.”

Haugen pointed out that the lower temperatures in the barns and buildings meant the animals were more comfortable at the fair this year.

“The weather was almost perfect,” Haugen said. “Even the little showers we had at times served a good purpose in keeping the dust down. In general, the temperature and wind was perfect for the fair.”

Grandstand shows did well also with a well-attended truck and tractor pull on Thursday night and a packed grandstand for the demolition derby on Saturday night.

The Friday night music concert featuring the Kentucky Headhunters was “a great show” in many people’s opinion, but failed to draw a sellout crowd.

Sunday’s Ranch Rodeo “went really well,” according to Haugen. It also drew a larger crowd than last year.

Crawford County Fair Coordinator Amanda Griswold was very pleased with this year’s fair.

In addition to a well-attended Demo Derby, Griswold noted that the Crawford County Fair Talent Show on Sunday was gaining in popularity and had more entries this year.

Well, if you missed all the fun this year, there’s always next year. In 2018, the Crawford County Fair is scheduled to run from August 22 through August 26. See you at the fair!



Junior Champion- Brown Swiss, Carson Sime                

Grand Champion Guernsey, Sawyer Roberts

Registered Jersey Grand Champion, Kaitlyn Riley        

Reserve Junior Champion, Kal Randall           

Registered Jersey Grand Champion, Sawyer Brown       

Dairy Reserve Junior Champion,      Kaleb Folbrecht     

Registered Holstein Dairy Champion, Dakota Brown   

Open Show Junior Champion Registered Holstein, Sarah Kearns                  

Reserve Champion Registered Jersey, Kal Randall        

Reserve Champion Red Holstein, Brooke Moret            

Junior Champion, Hayven Smethurst               

Reserve Junior Champion Junior Grade Dairy, Hayven Smethurst                 

Junior Showmanship, Hayven Smethurst        

Grand Champion Red Holstein, Aisja Achenbach-Horton

Intermediate Showmanship Dairy, Adrienne Toberman

Junior Champion Registered Red and White Holstein, Jessica Steger          

Reserve Junior Champion Open, Arnie Klema                 

Reserve Junior Champion Registered Red and White Holstein, Sarah Kearns              

Senior Showmanship Dairy, Emily Steger      

Grand Champion Registered Red and White Holstein, Brooke Moret       



Champion Dairy Steer, Sarah Kearns                                  

Reserve Champion Dairy Steer, Macy Mitchell

Junior Showmanship, Owen Oppriecht                              

Intermediate Showmanship, Lucas Kramer                        

Senior Showmanship, Nathan Toedter                               

Champion Beef Steer, Rita Achenbach                              

Reserve Champion Beef Steer, Marie Achenbach           

Beef Breeding Stock Grand Champion, Brooke Mitchell               

Beef Breeding Stock Reserve Champion,         Lily Mitchell



Grand Champion, Chad Achenbach                   

Reserve Grand Champion, McKenzie Olson   

Junior Showmanship, Owen Oppriecht            

Intermediate Showmanship, Chad Achenbach                 

Senior Showmanship, Kelsey Achenbach    



Champion Lamb, Joey Oppriecht                      

Reserve Champion Lamb, Hayven Smethurst

Junior Showmanship, Emma Hady                    

Intermediate Showmanship, Chad Achenbach                                                                       

Senior Showmanship, Brooklynn Nagel                     



Grand Champion Goat, Taylor Snyder                                

Reserve Grand Champion Goat, Taylor Snyder                

Champion Breeding Goat, Sawyer Brown                         

Reserve Champion Breeding Goat, Sawyer Brow                              

Senior Showmanship, Sawyer Brown                                 

Intermediate Showmanship, Autum Butler

Junior Showmanship, Rita Achenbach                    



Best of Breed Jr. Buck Californian, Faye Brassington  

Best of Breed Sr. Buck New Zealand, Faye Brassington

Best of Breed Intermediate, Miranda Olson     

Best of Breed Sr. Buck Mini Rex, Samuel Kramer           

Best of Breed Intermediate Doe Holland, Alisha Brassington       

Best of Breed Sr. Buck Silver Martin, Rita Achenbach  

Best of Breed Sr. Doe, Faye Brassington         

Best of Breed Sr. Doe of any other fancy, Cecilia Kramer               

Top Single Fryer, Faye Brassington                 

Top Sr. Showmanship, Lindsey Boylen          

Top Intermediate Showmanship, Faye Brassington       

Top Jr. Showmanship, Josie Kramer

              Intermediate Doe, Alisha Brassington                                    

Sr. Buck Californian, Faye Brassington                      



Halter Grand Champion, Talyia Edge                

Reserve Champion Halter, Brennah Ghormley                

Pleasure Grand Champion, Callie Waterman  

Reserve Grand Champion, Faye Brassington 

Grand Champion Showmanship,      Callie Waterman   

Reserve Champion Showmanship, Faye Brassington   

Grand Champion Trail, Brennah Ghormley    

Reserve Champion Trail, Callie Waterman     

Equitation Grand Champion, Callie Waterman                

Reserve Grand Champion, Faye Brassington 

Gymkhana Grand Champion, Kylie Heisz

Reserve Grand Champion, Brennah Ghormley



Senior Showmanship, Rachel E. Kramer         

Intermediate Showmanship, Lizzie Udelhoven                

Junior Showmanship, Rita Achenbach                              

Graduate Novice Obedience, Rachel E. Kramer                 

Novice Obedience, Marie Achenbach

Pre-Novice Obedience, Rachel E. Kramer                 



Intermediate Showmanship, Chad Achenbach                 

Junior Showmanship, Rita Achenbach                              

Senior Showmanship, Matt Kramer

Champion Chicken, Meg Katzung                                      

Waterfowl Champion, Emma Hady

Champion Bantam, Ethan Hady                         

Reserve Champion Bantam, Ethan Hady                           

Reserve Champion Chicken, Emma Hady                         

Reserve Champion Waterfowl, Marie Achenbach


Small Animals

Best in Department, Gabriela Bansberg           


Animal and Vet Science

Best in Department, Aisja Achenbach-Horton                                   

Best in Class, Nicholas Wa               

Best in Class, Ariana Morga

Best in Class, Laura Cornwall


Exotic Animals                 

Intermediate Showmanship, Sarah Allen

Junior Showmanship, Anna Allen   

Champion, Kaylee Congdo               

Reserve Champion, Anna Allen                         


Plant and Soil Science

Best in Department, Casey Ostheimer                                

Best in Class, Tanner Kilburg           

Best in Class, McKenzie Olsen        

Best in Class, Damian Dudenbostel

Best in Class – Open, Nola Nagel    

              Merit – Open, Kathy Cleven                  

Merit – Open, Madonna Jelinek       

Merit, Rachel Kramer        

Merit, Cole Allert


Junior Flowers

Best in Department, Alexis Snyder                   

Best in Class, Alexis Snyder

Best in Class, Agnes Carstens          

Best in Class, Cecilia Kramer


Open Flowers 

Best in Department, Jane Zinkle                                          

Merit, Becky Kramer         

Merit, Jessica Tripalan   


Natural Science

Best in Department, Cecilia Kramer

Best in Class, Ben Payne

Best in Class, Hennasey Swiggum  

Best in Class, Terrance Clark            

Merit, Faith Morga

Best in Class – Open, Margaret Davidson


Younger Youth           

Best in Department, Warren Snyder

Best in Class, Sophia Clar                 

Best in Class, Jake Kramer

Best in Class, Jacob Sprosty

Superintendent Award, Sophia Clark                

Superintendent Award, Warren Snyder              

Superintendent Award, Grant Sime


Cultural Arts  

Best in Department, Helen Clark

Merit, Gracie Sime             

Merit, Alejandro Morga    

Merit, Makayla Steger

Merit, Chad Achenbach

Merit, Becca Cornwall      

Merit, Casey Ostheimer    

Superintendent Award, Isabella Sprosty          


Cultural Arts – Open    

Best in Department, Char Tum

Merit, Sandy Jeffers



Best in Department, Janell Anderson

Merit, Sandy Jeffers

Merit, Jane Zinkle              

Merit, Gail Grimsled          

Merit, Nancy Dowling      

Merit, Richard Brown


Photography - Junior    

Best in Department, Vernoica M. Kramer        

Best in Class, Rivyn DiPadova        

Best in Class, Maureen Cooley        

Best in Class, Tia R. Martin

Best in Class, Meg Katzung

Best in Class, Rosemarie Cooley    

Best in Class, Elliot Anderson         

Best in Class, Veronica Kramer        

Superintendent Award, Laura Cornwall                               

Superintendent Award, Lydia Seeley                                   


Photography – Open    

Best in Department, Katrina Owens                  

Best in Department, Nancy Dowling

Best in Class, Kathy Marti                

Best in Class, Sherry Lechnir           

Best in Class, Krystle Nagel

Best in Class, Becky Nagel               

Best in Class, Janell Anderson         

Best in Class, Katrina Owens            

Best in Class, Shawna Wal                

Best in Class, Arena Kvamme           

Best in Class, Nancy Dowling                            

Best in Class, Nancy Dowling          

Best in Class, Lois Schwert

Best in Class, Nancy Dowling                                  



Best in Department, Gabriela Bansberg                             

Merit Award, Gracie Sime 

Merit Award, Becca Cornwall                              

Superintendent Award, Arianna Morga



Best in Department, Gabriela A. Bansberg     

Merit, Samuel Kramer        

Merit, Samuel R. Kramer  


Junior Electricity         

Best in Department, Gabriela A. Bansberg     


Mechanical Arts

Best in Department, Lucas Kramer                     

Merit, Isaac Kramer            

Merit, Benjamin Payne     

Merit, Emily Steger           

Merit, Lydia WestFoods & Nutrition:               

Best in Department, Laura Cornwell                                   

Merit, Jazlyn Glasbrenner                 

Merit, Alejandro Morga    

Merit, Madelyn Kramer     

Merit, Lily Mitchell

Merit, Maureen Cooley     

Merit, Cathleen Anderson                  

Merit, Cathleen Anderson                  

Red Star Yeast Award Jr. Class, Cathleen Anderson       

Best in Department - Open Class, Renee Danhof            

Merit – Open, Renee Danhof

Red Star Yeast Award - Open Class, Sawyer Roberts      

Sunrise Orchard Apple Award – Junior, Lily Mitchell

Sunrise Orchard Apple Award – Open, Tracy Martin       

Got Milk Junior Award, Cathleen Anderson   

Got Milk Open Award, Arena Kvamme

Superintendent Award, Matthew Kramer

Superintendent Award, Aisja Achenbach-Horton            

Superintendent Award, Jacob Payne                  

Superintendent Award, Violet Mitchell


Food Preservation        

Best in Department, Rachel E. Kramer                               

Merit, Rachel E. Kramer

Merit, Rachel E. Kramer  


Food Preservation–Open

Best in Class, Myrna Hadley             

Merit, Beckey Kramer

Merit, Justin Nagel        



Best in Department, Gracie Sime                       



Best in Department, Jill Stefonek


Knitting/Crocheting Junior

Best in Department, Aylah Baker    

Superintendent's Award, Laura Cornwall          


Best in Department, Janell Anderson               

Superintendent's Award, Renee Danhof       


Home Furnishing        

Best in Department, Riley Mezera   

Junior Merit, Makayla Steger


Bucket of Blooms        

1st Place, Donna Teynor

2nd Place, Fred Miene    



Dairy Herdsmanship, Happy Hi-Liters 4-H Club             

Beef Herdsmanship, Steuben River Runners 4-H Club

Swine Herdsmanship, Steuben River Runners 4-H Club                  

Sheep Herdsmanship, Eastman Cloverleaf 4-H Club      

Goat Herdsmanship, Eastman Cloverleaf         4-H Club

Poultry Herdsmanship, Eastman Cloverleaf 4-H Club   

Rabbits Herdsmanship, Country Cuzz 4-H Club              

Alpaca Herdsmanship, Happy Hi-Liters 4-H Club