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Knock aims to provide one-stop resource
3-17 Knock
Richland County Veterans Service Officer Karen Knock-Lucas (at right) and Benefits Specialist Joann Scribbins (at left).

A year ago Karen Knock-Lucas applied for the position of Richland County Veterans Service Officer. In early May she took the Civil Service test, was interviewed on May 22 and on the job by May 25.

For six months she ran the office by herself, aside from a week early on when a staff member from the Vernon County Veterans Service Office came to Richland County to show her how to do some tasks.

“I had a lot to learn,” Knock-Lucas says. “There are so many forms.”

Also early on, Knock-Lucas attended accreditation training and obtained updated technological equipment for the office.

November 9 of last year was the first day for Benefits Specialist Joann Scribbins. “She has been a godsend,” Knock-Lucas says; “an absolute blessing.”

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