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Platteville High School searched for drugs by K-9
Students cited for tobacco
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Platteville police and Grant County sheriff’s deputies conducted a K-9 search of Platteville High School Wednesday morning.

The search revealed no drugs, although two students were cited for possession of tobacco products. One of them was found smoking in the boys room.

The fact the search revealed no drugs doesn’t mean the search wasn’t useful, in the mind of PHS Principal Jeff Jacobson.

Jacobson said the high school is searched “a couple times a year” to “send a message to the kids who would bring that stuff to school that we’re willing to work to drive it out and create an atmosphere that works to push that off the school.”

Jacobson said the dog marked on five cars and three student lockers. However, searches of the cars and lockers revealed no drugs.

Jacobson said school policy is to contact the parents of students whose property is marked by a K-9 search, even if no drugs are found. He said it “gives parents one more chance to have that conversation with the kid sharing their values.”