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November 8 election results
For Boscobel and Grant County
Election Results

BOSCOBEL - In Grant County, however, votes had by then been tallied, and unofficial results posted. As a whole, the county broke decisively for the Republican party, delivering margins over Democratic contenders that ranged from 6.8 percentage points in the Governor’s race to 25.9 points in Republican incumbent Travis Tranel’s race for Assembly District 49.

By contrast, the City of Boscobel vote margins were razor thin, and in the case of the governor’s race, reversed the county tally: Boscobel gave 51.6 percent of its vote to incumbent Democrat Tony Evers, while the county voted 52.7 percent for Republican challenger Tim Michaels.

The unofficial results must be certified by the county board of canvassers, which consists of the county clerk and two appointed electors. The certification is a public meeting under state law.

Reported below are unofficial results for the City of Boscobel and Grant County. In service of brevity, only the winner is reported. Complete, official results will be reported when available.

U.S. Senate

Boscobel: Ron Johnson (R), 51.6%

Grant: Ron Johnson, 56.7%


Boscobel: Tony Evers (D), 51.6%

Grant: Tim Michaels (R), 52.7%

Attorney General

Boscobel: Eric Toney (R), 50.7%

Grant: Eric Toney, 56.3%

Secretary of State

Boscobel: Amy Lynn Loudenbeck (R), 48.5%

Grant: Amy Lynn Loudenbeck, 53.5%

Third District Congress

Boscobel: Derrick Van Orden (R), 50.6%

Grant: Derrick Van Orden, 57.1%

State Senate District 17

Boscobel: Howard Marklein (R), 54.3%

Grant: Howard Marklein, 60.9%

Assembly Rep District 49

Boscobel: Travis Tranel (R), 58.6%

Grant: Travis Tranel, 62.9%