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Voters mostly supported Protasiewicz for Supreme Court
In Muscoda, Blue River and Avoca
Janet for Justice in Prairie du Chien
JANET FOR JUSTICE campaign made stops in Prairie du Chien, Viroqua and Richland Center on Saturday, Feb. 4, making Judge Janet Protasiewicz the only State Supreme Candidate to have visited with voters in this part of the state. Protasiewicz is one of a field of four vying to emerge from the Tuesday, Feb. 21 nonpartisan primary election as one of the two final candidates on the April 4 election ballot.

MUSCODA-BLUE RIVER- AVOCA - Voters in the Town of Muscoda, showed differing results from voters in the villages of Avoca, Blue River and Muscoda, and from statewide results, in the election for Wisconsin Supreme Court on April 4. That election pitted conservative Daniel Kelly against progressive candidate Janet Protasiewicz.

Statewide, Protasiewicz was elected to a 10-year term on the court with an 11 percent margin over her competitor Daniel Kelly. Protasiewicz received 1,021,408 votes (55.5 percent) statewide, compared to Kelly’s 818,300 votes (44.5 percent).

Grant County voted in favor of Protasiewicz, with 7,047 votes (51.4 percent) to Kelly’s 6,661 votes (48.6 percent). Grant’s votes closely mirrored other counties in Southwest Wisconsin, except for Monroe County, where Kelly received 6,369 (56.2 percent) of the vote to Protasiewicz’s 4,970 (43.8 percent). Iowa County  exceeded statewide support for Protasiewicz, voting 63.7 percent for Protasiewicz to Kelly’s 36.3 percent.

In other counties in Southwest Wisconsin, Crawford County voted 54.1 percent for Protasiwicz to Kelly’s 45.9 percent. Richland County voted 52.3 percent for Protasiewicz to Kelly’s 47.7 percent. Lafayette County voted 50.8 percent for Protasiewicz to Kelly’s 49.2 percent.

Voters in the Town of Muscoda bucked the trend, voting 97 for Kelly and 73 for Protasiewicz. Voters in the villages of Muscoda and Blue River and Avoca fell in line with statewide sentiment. In the Village of Muscoda, voters cast 179 votes for Protasiewicz, defeating Kelly with 145 votes. In the Village of Blue River, voters cast 63 votes for Protasiewicz, defeating Kelly with 42 votes. In the Village of Avoca, it was 82 votes for Protasiewicz and 73 votes for Kelly.

Circuit Court

Voters in Grant County voted to elect Lisa Riniker to the Grant County Circuit Court. Overall, county voters gave Riniker 6,871 votes to Day’s 6,034 votes. Voters in the town and village of Muscoda again flipped the vote. Town voters gave Day 79 votes to Riniker’s 77 votes, and village voters gave Day 170 votes to Riniker’s 116 votes.

Voters in the Village of Blue River narrowly followed countywide results in the Circuit Court election, giving Riniker 50 votes to Day’s 49 votes.

School Districts

In the uncontested Riverdale School District Board election, Travis Hudson from Area #3 received 1,076 votes; Bill Tracy from Area #6 received 1,098 votes; and Darren Miller from Area #7 received 1,065 votes

Voters in Boscobel approved a referendum supporting improvements to the district’s buildings and grounds, with 726 voting yes, and 626 voting no.

A referendum which would allow Southwestern School District to exceed state revenue caps was narrowly defeated, with 586 voting no, and 584 voting yes.

Village Boards

In the Village of Muscoda, four candidates vied for three open seats. Elected were Kim Siefert with 208 votes, John Imhoff with 186 votes and Eric Johnson with 181 votes. Candidate Chris Stechco Kreczo came up short with 116 votes.

In uncontested elections in the Village of Blue River,  Village President Rodney Johnson received  85 votes, and village trustees received, Charlie Johnson 87 votes, and Craig Perkins, 68 votes.

In the Village of Avoca, in a contested election for village president, incumbent Veronica Harris received 114 votes, with challenger Randy Prestwood receiving 42 votes. Four candidates vied for three seats on the village board, with Diane Nachtigal receiving 118 votes, Mark Bartels 109 votes, and Jennifer Kammerude 84 votes. Candidate Dale Peterson came up short with 52 votes.

Town of Muscoda

Running uncontested, Muscoda Town Board Chairman Ron Sturdevent received 46 votes. Town Board Supervisor 1 Gary Bird received 159 votes, and Supervisor 2 Levi Heffner received 154 votes. Town Clerk Kristine Cupp received 153 votes, and Town Treasurer Cheryl Heffner received 159 votes.