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Spring elections bring change
In Crawford County
Election Results

Editors Note: On Wednesday, the Independent-Scout was notified that the Town of Eastman has corrected the vote totals for the Seneca School Board election, but that the winners of the race remained unchanged after the correction. Those reflected vote totals are noted here.

CRAWFORD COUNTY - On Tuesday, April 5, voters went to the polls to vote in the 2022 Nonpartisan Spring Election. At the polls, voters decided contests for the Crawford County Board of Supervisors, School Boards, and Village Boards.

NCSB election results

School Boards

In the North Crawford School Boardelection, incumbents Mary Kuhn and Jerry Coleman faced challengers Charissa Richter and Kimberly Blaha, with the two top vote-getters winning seats on the board.

Voters in the Towns of Clayton, Freeman, Haney, Scott and Utica, and in the Villages of Bell Center, Gays Mills, Mt. Sterling and Soldiers Grove cast ballots in the election.

The top two vote-getters in the election were Jerry Coleman with 348 votes and Charissa Richter with 252 votes. The two have won seats on the board. Coming in third with 222 votes was Mary Kuhn, and fourth was Kimberly Blaha with 202 votes.

In the Town of Clayton, Coleman had 129 votes, Richter 85, Kuhn 58, and Blaha 59. In Town of Freeman Coleman had 6 votes, Richter 5, Kuhn 9, and Blaha 9. In Town of Haney, Coleman had 27 votes, Richter 22, Kuhn 19, and Blaha 8. In Town of Scott, Coleman had 6 votes, Richter 3, Kuhn 5, and Blaha 0. In Town of Utica, Coleman had 52 votes, Richter 48, Kuhn 41, and Blaha 30.

In the Village of Bell Center, Coleman had 8 votes, Richter 9, Kuhn 3, and Blaha 10. In the Village of Gays Mills, Coleman had 61 votes, Richter 46, Kuhn 44, and Blaha 42. In the Village of Mt. Sterling, Coleman had 6 votes, Richter 6, Kuhn 6, and Blaha 4. In the Village of Soldiers Grove, Coleman had 53 votes, Richter 28, Kuhn 38, and Blaha 40.

Sen SB election results

In the Seneca School Boardelection, incumbents Crisse Reynolds and Shawn Lenzendorf faced challengers Eric Grimsled and Adam Green, with the three top vote-getters winning seats on the board.

Voters in the Towns of Eastman, Freeman, Haney and Seneca, and the Villages of Lynxville and Mt. Sterling cast ballots in the election.

Shawn Lenzendorf, Adam Green and Crisse Reynolds have won election to the board. Lenzendorf got 335 votes, Green 308 votes, and Reynolds 251. Eric Grimsled came in fourth with 180 votes.

In Town of Eastman Ward 2, Lenzendorf had 27 votes, Green 32, Reynolds 16, and Grimsled 29. In the Town of Freeman, Lenzendorf had 15 votes, Green 12, Reynolds 14, and Grimsled 6. In the Town of Haney, Lenzendorf had 1 vote, Green 2, Reynolds 0, and Grimsled 1. In the Town of Seneca, Lenzendorf had 200 votes, Green 188 votes, Reynolds 153, and Grimsled 103. In the Town of Utica, Lenzendorf had 42 votes, Green 37, Reynolds 34, and Grimsled 17.

In the Village of Lynxville, Lenzendorf had 25 votes, Green 15, Reynolds 16, and Grimsled 13. In the Village of Mt. Sterling, Lenzendorf had 25, Green 22, Reynolds 18, and Grimsled 11.

Spring county board election results

County Board

In Crawford County, there were three Crawford   County Board of Supervisors seats with contested elections in Districts 9, 10 and 12.

District 9: Village of Soldiers Grove/Town of Clayton Ward One- incumbent Wade Dull faced challenger Harrison Heilman. 

Harrison Heilman won the seat with 88 votes to Wade Dull’s 76 votes.

In the Town of Clayton Ward One, Heilman had 43 votes, and Dull 34. In the Village of Soldiers Grove, Heilman had 45 votes, and Dull 42.

District 10: Village of Gays Mills/Town of Clayton Ward Two- on the ballot was incumbent Don Stirling who faces challenger Seamus Murray - Murray has told the Independent-Scout that if elected, he will not serve due to scheduling conflicts between the Tuesday, 10 a.m., time of Crawford County Board meetings and his job.

Seamus Murray won the seat, but will not serve, with 86 votes to Don Stirling’s 78 votes.

In the Town of Clayton Ward 2, Murray had 30 votes and Stirling 38. In the Village of Gays Mills, Murray had 56 votes and Stirling 40.

District 12: Town of Seneca Ward One/Village of Lynxville- two challengers faced each other in the election, with incumbent Alan Morovits (appointed to serve the remainder of Larry Kelley's term after his passing) defeated in the February 15 primary. Brian Reynolds faced Owen DuCharme on April 5.

Owen DuCharme won the seat with 157 votes to Brian Reynolds 84 votes.

In the Town of Seneca Ward One, DuCharme had 145 votes and Reynolds 70. In the Village of Lynxville, DuCharme had 12 votes and Reynolds 14.

Village of Gays Mills election results

Village Boards

In Gays Millsthere were four candidates for three open seats - incumbents Lee Ruegg and Seamus Murray faced challengers Craig Anderson and Ethan Eitsert.

Ethan Eitsert, Seamus Murray and Lee Ruegg have won election to the board. Eitsert got 85 votes, Murray 65 votes, and Ruegg 60 votes. Craig Anderson came in fourth with 57 votes.

Village of Soldiers Grove election results

In Soldiers Grove, there were three open seats and three candidates: Harrison Heilman, Jerry Miller and Brett Pettit. 

Harrison Heilman received 65 votes, Jerry Miller 58 votes, and Brett Pettit 57 votes. All three will serve on the board.