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Gun-toting theater-goers concern Blaine customers
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The last thing patrons at Boscobel’s Blaine Theater expected to see Sunday night were two young men with semi-automatic pistols strapped to their hips. But that’s what happened when Wyatt Weadge and Caleb Langer took their seats.

“They asked the concession stand girls if there were many people there tonight, which was creepy,” said Hugh Steele. “I couldn’t even watch the movie because I had to keep an eye on them.”

When Steele asked them what they thought they were doing they said they were exercising their rights. That’s when Steele called 911.

A Boscobel police officer and Grant County deputy responded and talked with the two men, who agreed to put the guns in their car.

Police Chief Todd Stenner said that due to Wisconsin’s open carry law, what the two men did is not illegal.

“If it’s not signed on the door it’s not illegal, but we don’t want people bringing guns in the theater or anywhere else,” Stenner said.

All city-owned buildings have signage saying that guns are prohibited there, except the Blaine. That will change this week when a sign will be put on the front door prohibiting guns in the building.