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Man stabbed in Platteville Sunday night
Police: No danger to public
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Platteville police are investigating a stabbing incident that took place in an Oak Street residence Sunday night.

The people involved in the incident knew each other, and a police news release said “information obtained indicates there is no danger to the public.”

The Lafayette County Sheriff’s Department reported receiving a cellphone 911 call around 9:35 p.m. from someone who reported that a man had been stabbed in Platteville. The victim was taken to Southwest Health in Platteville by a friend, but left before receiving treatment, police said.

Shortly afterward, the Grant County Sheriff’s Office relayed a 911 call that said the victim was at a local business seeking first-aid supplies. Police went to the business and met the victim, who was taken by Southwest Health, where he was treated and released.

Eight minutes after police made contact with the victim, police received another 911 call that an altercation and stabbing had occurred at the caller’s residence on Oak Street. Police confirmed that the caller’s residence was where the stabbing took place.

The case is expected to be referred to the Grant County district attorney’s office for possible charges, police said.