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Munyons Auto makes big changes
Munyons Auto 97
Mike Munyon stands with his new tow truck, purchased last month in St. Louis, Mo. - photo by Dena Harris

CUBA CITY—A mandatory change in suppliers led long-time mechanic and gas station owner Mike Munyon to revamp the appearance of Munyon’s Auto Service in Cuba City.

Munyon’s Auto Service, located at 302 S. Main St. in Cuba City, has been in service for two generations. Larry Munyon started the business in September 1971 and named his son, Mike, a partner in 1975. Mike became the owner in 1981 and three years later doubled the size of the building for the business.

There have been many changes over the years. He’s been through brand changes, from Mobil to Kerr-McGee, Ioco, Phillips 66 and B.P. Now he was forced to change again as B.P. was dropping his business because of being too small of a shop.

“I had to look for another supplier and went with Cenex,” Mike said. “It’s a farm-centered company. It should be a good fit.”

Mike said he wasn’t pleased with how the whole situation happened as he wasn’t notified of a specific cut-off date. It left him scrambling.

He had to make many cosmetic changes to reflect the new supplier, including painting the building, re-imaging the canopy and pumps, adding decals and installing a new credit card system. He took advantage of the city’s façade grant program to help financially with the updates, adding a digital sign for gas prices.

He said the re-imaging process took approximately four days to complete. The major changes wrapped up at the end of September.

He said the gallon-inch for gasoline has been down because of the change, although he has seen it slowly creeping back up.

“I’m getting people switched over to new [fuel] cards, which is helping,” Mike said.

Over the years he’s made some significant changes, including adding a website,, and ordering parts online instead of calling. Most recently, Mike traded in an older tow truck for a newer version. He traveled to St. Louis to pick up the used truck approximately four weeks ago.

He said he’s proud to be one of the oldest businesses in Cuba City still owned by family.

“There’s not many of our kind left,” Mike said about auto repair shops with a gas station and towing service.

Munyon’s Auto Service offers a wide range of vehicle repair and maintenance services as well as selling fuel, providing towing services and having a convenience store. His business is open Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.

“I haven’t gotten rich, but we’ve had a good life and gone on a lot of vacations with the kids,” Mike said.

Mike and his wife, Charlene, have three children: Kelli, Shane and Jon.