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Over 2,000 attend Stump Dodger Bash

It was a successful weekend for the Stump Dodger Bash.

Approximately 2,000 people attended the event held on Friday, July 3 and Saturday, July 4 in Gays Mills. That is double the size of last year’s crowd.

“There was a lot of great music,” said Allison Showen, a co-owner of the Stump Dodger Campground. “Everyone seemed to have a great time, from the youngest kids on up. Depending on who you ask, everyone had a different favorite band.”

Showen described the event as issue free—no mosquitoes to speak of, the weather was perfect, parking was plentiful, the fireworks well done, and nobody needed to use the First Aid tent!

The event will be held the weekend before the Fourth of July next year, since the Fourth falls on a Monday. The Showens may turn it into a three-day event, though the decision hasn’t been made yet.

And some 20 to 25 military veterans, attending the event this year, received a free pass to next year’s Stump Dodger Bash.