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Youth noticeable at Interchurchmen's banquet
Harriett Rowland

The youth was prevalent among the approximately 100 members in attendance at the 82nd annual Inter-churchmen's Banquet held at the Blue River Commu-nity Center Monday eve-ning.
"I'm pleasantly surprised at the number of young people this year," said Vice President Bob Cary, who represents Blue River United Methodist Church. "I would say there were 20-25 people that were under 25, that's good. We're glad to see that."
The program featured nine area churches represented and shared a meal and camaraderie.
"It's a chance for differ-ent congregations to get together and have fellowship," Cary said.
Terry Adams of Blue River United Methodist church performed two songs before spokesperson from each church talked about their congregation, mostly ended with a light-hearted joke.
The guest speaker was Ron Fruit, owner of WRCO radio. In his speech Fruit also emphasized the abundance of youth in the audience and their important roles in the future. He also stressed Love your neighbor as yourself and to love the Lord with all your heart, soul, mind and strength. He also stated with the Lord in the forefront of people's lives, the chances of suc-ceeding are much greater.
And the program was closed by a benediction by Pastor Harriett Rowland.
The new officers for 2013 were elected as Duane Gebhard was named President; John Larson will be vice-president and Briant Russell will stay as Secretary-Treasurer.
The 2013 representatives at the churches are as fol-lows: Toby Pitzer and Norman Ashmore for Assembly of God; Allen Wester and Floyd Schmidt of Hickory Grove Lutheran; Bob Cary and Dan Harms of Blue River United Methodist; Merrit O'Kane and Ted Glasbrenner of Trinity Lu-theran; Don Karasek and Briant Russell of Boscobel Methodist; Ryan Reynolds and Gordan Freymiller of Marion UCC; Stan Fritz and Westen Glasbrenner of St. Johns Lutheran; Bob Scallon and Paul Kinney of Immaculate Conception and John Larson and Duane Gebhard of First Congregational.
Next year's meeting will be held Jan.7 at First Congregational Church.