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Guest opinion: Life is a marathon
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Hear the patter of carbon rubber soles, weary repetition

Ethylene shoes carry throbbing hearts, minds floating in Euphoria

Swept along by cheers of Jubilation

A goal beset by trial and sweat, looming nearer

Hoping to cross the line with a brief, blissful sense of Nirvana

Two pair of sneakers lurking in the crowd

Ready to unshackle their burden of Destruction

A goal beset by determination without Regret

Crowds transformed into cattle in the mind of an anarchist     

Unrelated human endeavor juxtaposed

One quest to overcome pain to attain their dream

The other to inflict pain in recognition of their disillusionment

Pain is the common denominator that afflicts human endeavor

Overcoming pain is the true testament of the human Spirit

Running To…..Running from…..Always running

Written April 21