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Hello Hillsboro: For our firemen, its Labor Month
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If you have a Hillsboro fireman in your family, you may as well skip to the next story because you’re already more than familiar with what this item is all about.

Although they have a wide spread reputation as being one of the finest volunteer fire departments in the state, containing and shutting down blazes is only one part of their over-all responsibilities.

They also own and operate both Firemen’s Park and the Firemen’s Community Center and it is no small task to keep both of them safe, clean, and ready to serve almost every community activity you can imagine.

This is especially noteworthy now during preparations for the annual four-day Labor Day Celebration. To the hard working, local firemen, the actual festival probably feels like a walk in the park after they have spent months of planning the event and preparing the park for it.

It’s a wonder they can hold down a regular job at this time of year because it seems most of their working hours are spent there every night and weekend afternoon.

Other than their close friends and families, not many Labor Day celebrants have a clue of the work involved. And that includes all the other “chores” such as the Charity Tractor Pull, the many Community Center events, fire practices, safety classes, board meetings, and, oh yes, saving burning buildings, along with their inhabitants.

I will never forget what impressed corporate officers from Morris Multi-Media Communications Company when they came here from Savannah, Georgia,  to “check out” our town during deliberations preceding their purchase of the Sentry Enterprise 10 years ago. They had already seen many copies of the paper, and their interests had rightly turned to the community in which it was published.

Here is what caught their eyes during a tour of the area: The school buildings and grounds, the many churches, and, at that time, the absence of empty storefronts.

However, they told me the thing that really impressed them about Hillsboro was the well kept and useful Firemen’s Park and the Firemen’s Community Center.

The Chief Financial Officer stated that he was amazed that a volunteer fire department could lift a community to that level of support.

I’ve never forgotten that and I think of it often when I see the results of all that continuing hard work. It remains something that we all should be proud about.


The annual Charity Tractor Pull is really growing in popularity, The expanded grandstands are evidence of that, and so is some special attractions at this year’s Labor Day celebration.

On Saturday night there will be a tractor pull featuring the Motorsports Tractor Pullers Inc. Not to be overlooked on Friday night is the garden tractor pull, sponsored by the American Mini Pullers Inc.

I’m holding out until Sunday afternoon, however, for the always thrilling pedal tractor pull and lawn mower racing!

Hey! It takes all kinds of racing fans.


By the way, the Sentry-Enterprise will have its cameras proudly focusing on the “honored guests” car in the traditional Monday morning Labor Day Parade.

Dave and Mary Sterba will be saluted this year, and we must say that it’s long overdue!

You can be sure that Mary will be smiling and waving to the folks lining the streets, most of whom are personal friends, and don’t be surprised if Dave is taking pictures of photographers who are snapping him.

Labor Day Parade choices don’t get any better than this one!