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Hello Hillsboro: Holy cow! The Cubs are for real
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 I can’t believe it, but the Chicago Cubs are only a few games out of first place in the National League Central division and playing the best ball they have since about 1945, which is the last time they played in a World Series.

Don’t even ask if they won. They never win! Anything!

It actually took my move to Wisconsin to turn them into an acceptable team, but not before I had switched allegiance to the Milwaukee Brewers. You know, a fan can only accept so many losing seasons before turning his back on his boyhood baseball heroes.

But  enough is enough, and I figured a major move to Wisconsin was a good time to break the mold that had been in effect since I was a kid going to Wrigley Field first with my dad, and later with high school buddies.

It was all day baseball back then, so the place was always filled with kids, especially in the bleachers at about a buck per seat!

I was only three when they last played in a series, and even a Cub nut like me had to miss that one.

I was thrilled when I was introduced to the Brewers upon the move to Hillsboro, although I was familiar with County Stadium from coming “up north” to cheer for my Cubs.

I was shocked to learn that there were far more Cubs fans in Hillsboro than I expected. Turns out they were holdovers from the days before the Milwaukee Braves moved here from Boston, and the Cubs were the closest major leaguers to this area.
Wait a minute. Did I say major leaguers? Sorry, that was an oversight!

There are more Cubs fans in Hillsboro than you might be realize.

One of the most fanatical is Ralph Roberts, who yelled “Go Cubbies” just last week as he noticed me while driving by.

I haven’t had a chance to tell him that my loyalties were finally switched to the Brewers, and, as usual, it was perfect timing. I was even wearing a Brewers cap.

As soon as I get used to watching Fox Sports Wisconsin, the Cubs decide to actually wake up and win a few games …and they haven’t stopped yet!

Don’t know what they are smoking, or drinking, but they sure look like imposters wearing those Cubbie blue uniforms and enjoying long winning streaks, even on the road!

I’m trying my best to move thoughts of “returning” to the back of my head and keeping tuned to the fact that I know deep down inside, they’re going to blow it!

It’s a little easier now because they no longer are televised on national cable channel WGN America, mostly because they were owned by the Chicago Tribune Co., just like WGN America and its former parent station, WGN-TV Ch. 9.

Actually, it’s perfect timing. Wrigley Field has been remodeled and expanded. They also have manager  Joe Maddon, who apparently is doing a bang-up job, considering the lack of talent he can put on the field.

I must admit, however, it sure would have been fun if it all had happened about 30 years ago!