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Hello Hillsboro: Peanuts fueling a fast chipmunk
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I sure can have a good time watching the little people of nature who inhabit my backyard.

The world’s fastest chipmunk has joined the circus and is putting all the black and brown squirrels to shame with his energy and intelligence.

He has discovered my squirrel (and now chipmunk) feeder and is hogging all the goodies before the squirrels even know that a new competitor is in town!

This chipmunk can cross the neighbor’s large yard behind us in four seconds flat, by actual count of my watch, with a peanut in his cheek!

Furthermore, he is smart enough to check out the sky and yard from the bottom of a tree truck before taking off at top speed.

I think he must have a penthouse apartment in a tree on the other side, next to a house. He comes back the same way, always checking the mine field before crossing it. I think he must have enough peanuts stored up by now to last about three winters.

In addition to offering me plenty of entertainment, he’s also busting my peanut budget because I can’t go out there without refilling his gathering area across the porch from us. Of course, the pure entertainment value is worth far more than the peanuts.

I only hope that he keeps checking the sky and the lawn before making his daredevil race to the penthouse with a puffed up cheek!

Talk about speed. He’s faster than Chip and Dale combined. (This comment, by the way, is only meant for our elderly readers!)


When I’m not watching Chip and Dale, I’ve been following the unbelievable adventures of my Chicago Cubs, or actually my former Chicago Cubs. These real ballplayers don’t even resemble my Cubs from years gone by.

Who taught them to hit home runs like they did against St. Louis Monday night at Wrigley Field? I thought that stunt had been thrown out of their act years ago!

And the pitching must have the assistance of a magician working from the dugout.

I’m telling you, the city of Chicago will turn upside down if they somehow sneak into the World Series when nobody is watching. The last time, I believe, was when I was three years old. Not going to give a year, but it was about the time of World War II.

Wouldn’t you love to know the Las Vegas odds on the Cubs ending up on top? Most folks can’t even count that high!       

UPDATE: Since this week's “Hello Hillsboro” was written, the Cubs defeated the St. Louis Cardinals, 6-4, Tuesday at Wrigley Field to win the National League Division Series in four games and advance to the National League Championship Series.

Kyle Schwarber, Anthony Rizzo and Javier Baez each hit home runs to lead the Cubs.

Manager Joe Maddon’s wild-card team now awaits the winner of the New York Mets–Los Angeles Dodgers series, which will go to a deciding fifth game Thursday night in Los Angeles. The  NLCS begins Saturday.