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Code Pink economy event Nov 12 in Boscobel
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Are you still trying to understand what caused the financial collapse that has disrupted our world? Help is coming. On Saturday morning, November 12th, a documentary film will be shown at the Tuffley Community Center in Boscobel to provide the background information. Starting at 10 a.m., the film will run for about two hours and discussion will follow until 1 p.m. This event is sponsored by Code Pink and open to everyone without charge.

The film explains how we got here, the bubble, the crisis, accountability and where we are now, though it was produced before the Occupy Wall Street protests began and doesn’t include these present-day events.

You will learn about deregulating the banking industry, derivatives, credit default swaps, a Ponzi scheme, risk taking, massive private gains and public loss.

As stated in the film, this is serious. Come to tell how you and others you know have been affected. Let’s share our history.

The Tuffley Community Center is located on Oak Street in Boscobel, next to the Blaine Theatre.

-Lois Fields

Code Pink