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Letters to The Platteville Journal for Jan. 27
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Another Obama view

Laughter is a great thing! It is because of this that I would like to thank John Hempstead for his letter Jan. 13. Initially, I felt his words must be “tongue in cheek.” By the time I finished reading his article, I recognized that he actually believed what he had expressed. The laughter began.

I am well aware that nothing I express will cause to Mr. Hempstead to change his opinions. Nor will it change the views of those who view things as he does. However, he did ask the question, “If Obama has been so successful with his quiet work, why is there such a mediocre public opinion of him.” 

The answer to his question can be found in the question itself. His question begins with the word “if.” The problem for Obama is that he has not been successful. Therefore, Mr. Hempstead began his question by creating a false narrative. 

In his list of executive actions, he erroneously claimed that they were supported by the majority of American citizens. Now, I have little doubt that these actions taken by the president are supported by the majority of the people that Mr. Hempstead knows. This is obviously a very small sample of Americans and certainly the views of a very select liberal ideology.

I will attempt to shed some light on the list of accomplishments presented. No matter how many executive actions are taken regarding gun purchases, when the Justice Department fails to punish those who commit fraud on their applications, all the executive actions in the world will make no difference. It should be so obvious that criminals and terrorists do not get their weapons by filling out applications. 

Our economy has not been restored to health. The actual unemployment rate is falsified and the middle class is earning less. The Affordable Health Care Act is more restrictive and more expensive. If you pose a question that is supported by a list of false and misleading arguments, you are either attempting to use trickery or are simply very naïve.

Obama fooled a lot of people with his slick slogan of “hope and change.” Currently, two-thirds of Americans feel we are headed in the wrong direction. The most amazing thing about that statistic is the one-third who find something they must think is good. 

History will record that this presidency was one of great divisiveness. We had a president who acted as those he was chosen to be our king. His Justice Department is corrupt, the Internal Revenue Service is corrupt, and the State Department is both corrupt and inept. The only “hope and change” we have with one more year of this left to go is ‘hope’ for as little damage as possible and “change” to someone who is a real reader.

Now, the part that caused most of the laughter: “conservative media bias.” Make no mistake, there is some conservative media bias. However, anyone who thinks that media bias isn’t heavily favoring liberals is either dishonest or naïve to the core.

Has Donald Trump gotten too much coverage? Yes! The answer to why that is the case can be explained in one word: money. Not his money — the money generated by ratings. All of the liberal media — ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, etc. — know they must cover Trump or their ratings and revenue will continue to drop. Come on, Mr. Hempstead, do you really feel that the Democrats’ debate had enough substance to fill a news hour? Even the liberal media recognize that covering Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders trying to outspend each other by raising our taxes is not really what most people want to hear. 

Too much Trump; we agree. I will assume that we disagree that there are 10 conservative candidates that would be better than either Clinton or Sanders. Clinton should be in prison and Sanders should be running for the presidency of Greece.

As I have stated before, my dad always told me that women were smarter than men. I am being left to wonder if this is actually true. If women turn out to vote for a woman who they must know is a liar, how am I to believe that they are actually that smart? It is hard to believe that a woman enjoys being lied to. Was my father correct or have times changed that much? 

I can only hope that my children have a chance of a decent future. That does not include another corrupt liar or a socialist.

Thomas Skubal


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