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Quilt project sponsored
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Gays Mills


In the growing excitement over our newly announced Gays Mills Area Community Social and Main Street Community Building fundraiser set for Sunday, Aug. 24, from 2 to 4 p.m., with an old-time ice cream social, music, games, and silent auction, great ideas for a variety of unique and creative donated items are quickly sprouting!  See what you can come up with!

The Make 'n Mend sewing shop would like to sponsor a community quilt project we'll call ‘The Quilt Block Blitz’ (because, once you have the idea, it doesn't take long to make a block). This quilt project can include anyone who can write or draw since these blocks will be made with fabric markers and paints on a square of material, all provided. We just need you and your family and neighbors to come up with an idea!

The theme will be what each one finds special and likes about this area we call home. So think about it! See how you could express it in a few words or in a simple picture. Try sketching or writing it on a 6" x 6" piece of paper, making  it a little larger than usual since the marker tips are thicker than a pen or pencil point. And, of course, please include signing your name. We have several weeks to be doing this part, and I hope you will participate and encourage those around you to as well. The more involved, the more meaningful it will be!

Since the sewing shop will be closed July 18-25 for family needs, we will plan to have a special supply table set up the week of August 4 through 9 with the extended hours of 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. for people to stop by at your convenience to draw your design on a block.  We will also hope to have volunteers help do the transfer if that seems best for the situation. Former residents and "wanna-bes" are encouraged to send their paper designs ahead to also be included. A suggested $1 donation per block would go toward the building expenses as will the sale of this special quilt headed for the auction block!

 With appreciation for you and your part in this community, and for the whole,  

- Kay Smiley